Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Union Park, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC offers property owners in Union Park, FL, fire ant control and treatment that works well and lasts for four months at a time. Fight back against the fire ants that have invaded your property!

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Union Park, FLWhether you manage a large-scale ranch, a golf course, or simply your own backyard, you should take back your property from red imported fire ants by scheduling Fire Ant Control, LLC, for service.

The Invasion of Red Imported Fire Ants

Invasive species are generally hard to manage because of the lack of natural predators. Red imported fire ants are no different. In competition for water and food, they generally outwork other ant species and will eat anything, including other ants. This success has led to their spread throughout the southern US since they were first accidentally introduced to the country in the 1930s.

Fire ants are damaging and dangerous. Their bites and stings cause red blisters that are painful and even deadly should the one bitten have an allergic reaction. Pets, livestock, equipment, electrical circuitry, trees, and even building foundations are vulnerable to damage from fire ant infestations.

To sum up, red imported fire ants are not beneficial to your property or its ecosystem; their populations grow wildly, largely unchecked; and intervention is the only way to manage the fire ant population.

Verifying an Infestation

Don’t wait for an accidental fire ant disturbance and subsequent vicious attack to discover that you have an issue with red imported fire ants. These attacks are aggressive and fast, with numerous ants climbing, biting, and stinging at the same time.

The fire ant mound is one clear indicator. Mounds resemble a butte, with a flat top, rather than a mountain like other ant hills. The hill is generally about 1’ high with a diameter the size of a dinner plate.

The ants themselves can be a clear indicator. Their coloring differs from other ants in that they have a darker thorax and abdomen and are generally ¼” in size. When you come across a red imported fire ant, you generally know it, and if you’ve been bitten by one, you definitely do.

Fire ants are ubiquitous in Southwest Florida, and Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers the area the most effective solution. The granular bait and the methods we employ are approved for use on all sorts of properties; will not harm vegetation, people, or animals; and don’t require a period of wait-time before re-entry. We’re comprehensively licensed and insured, and we provide a money-back guarantee concerning the effectiveness of our service.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Methods

At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we use granular bait and a Trojan horse style of application. Fire ants perceive the bait as food, which they ingest and then carry down into the colony for the queen to enjoy as well. When she does, the bait destroys her fertility, stopping the colony from growing. By the end of one life cycle, your ant population will be reduced by up to 95%.

Twice annual treatments are essential to maintaining a property that is free from infestation. Scheduling fire ant control and treatment in Union Park, FL, is as simple as calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 or requesting an appointment online.