Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Wadeview Park, FL

Fire ant control and treatment in Wadeview Park, FL, and the greater Orlando area, from the experts here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, will protect your property from damage and your family, guests, and pets from injury. Rely on us to perform professionally, conveniently, and affordably.

Do you have a fire ant problem?

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Wadeview Park, FLIf you live in Southwest Florida and don’t have professional treatment for fire ants, then yes, you likely do have a fire ant issue on your property. Rather than wait for the attack or damage to occur, schedule treatment with us.

Tracking Down a Fire Ant Nest

Finding an indoor fire ant nest comes when something draws fire ants into your home. Drought conditions or heavy rains may send them inside, but the indoor conditions must include a leak or some other water source, available food, and a place for nesting.

You’ll be able to track their movements during early morning or late afternoon hours when the fire ants are out scavenging for food. Prime spots where you’ll find the nest include your laundry area or outdoors near windows or doors.

Finding mounds outdoors might be easier, especially after heavy rains. Flooding will send the red imported fire ants swarming and floating in a spherical raft surrounding the queen toward higher ground, so you’ll often find mounds located by vertical structures nearby.

The problem many property owners face when trying to deal with fire ants on their own is the fact that finding the mound doesn’t really provide an avenue for treatment.

Using mound treatments will simply make the mound move and perhaps kill a few surface ants. As long as the queen is able to continue reproducing, she will simply repopulate her colony. That’s why we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, employ measures that target reproduction at its source.

The Fire Ant, LLC, Solution

When you schedule treatment with Fire Ant Control, LLC, we’ll arrive and strategically place the granular bait that we use. This bait is strong and resembles food to red imported fire ants. Scavenging red imported fire ants will collect the bait and carry it to the queen, presenting her with a meal. The bait is actually an insect growth inhibitor, so the queen will lose the ability to reproduce.

No new fire ant eggs laid equals an end to the colony as the living fire ant population dies.

Fire ant treatment is an on-going need. Fire ants are mobile creatures. They move when threatened; they move to locate food; and they move to establish new colonies. This mobility demands that you re-treat every four months for effective relief on a consistent basis. We offer a money-back guarantee that with treatments three times per year, your property will remain up to 95% free of fire ants.

The bait that we use has been approved for use around people and animals, without a wait time for re-entry. When you choose Fire Ant Control, LLC, you choose an effective solution with limited disruption to your daily life.

Property owners in Wadeview Park near Orlando, FL, find quality, affordable, and effective fire ant control and treatment from the professionals here at Fire Ant Control, LLC. We’re a fully bonded, insured, and licensed company with the processes and products needed for genuine success.