Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Wekiva Springs, FL

Residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties in Wekiva Springs, in the Orlando, FL, area need effective fire ant control and treatment. We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, employ a targeted, long-game approach to eliminating the fire ant colony from the inside, out. Instead of evicting fire ants from mounds and making them relocate to another area of the property, we stop the queen from re-populating the colony.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Wekiva Springs, FLIf you look up the ideal fire ant habitat, you’ll find a map of Florida. Well, maybe not, but the answer wouldn’t be wrong. The climate in Florida is humid and warm, and the area is ripe with areas for nesting as well as food and water sources. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is here to provide protection for your home, business, or other property.

The treatment measures that we provide are proven to work well on all types of properties, regardless of purpose and size, and the products that we apply are approved for use around people and animals without a period of wait time for re-entry.

Behavior of Red Imported Fire Ants

Most of the activity of red imported fire ants occurs below ground, where they constantly build and expand their intricately connected network of tunnels. You’ll see their mounds above ground as well as foragers looking for food during the early morning and late afternoon hours. If unchecked, the population will grow exponentially until they run out of room and invade your space, or that of your animals. Fire ants can destroy wiring, concrete slabs, and other critical elements of property.

For a full understanding of the scope of the problems caused by red imported fire ants, consider the population potential. Colonies can be either single- or multi-queen colonies. A property with a single-queen colony may have up to 7 million fire ants per acre, and one with multi-queen colonies may host up to 40 million per acre. This number of fire ants will require substantial food and room to expand.

Banishing Fire Ants from Different Types of Property

Where You Live

Your home should be a place where life happens naturally, without a constant threat of attack. Life in Florida should include plenty of outdoor activities. Without fire ant management, you risk disruption and injury to yourself, your family, and your guests.

Where Crops and Animals Grow

Properties devoted to farming and ranching are especially vulnerable to fire ant infestation. Fire ants will consume the crops, cause injury and death to animals, and injure workers when they enter the field, pasture, or barn areas to care for the plants or animals. Additionally, fire ant infestations will cause extensive damage to equipment that leads to costly repairs and lost productivity.

Where Children Play

Parks and playgrounds where children play should be safe from risks of injury. Red imported fire ants can make any playdate or recess a disaster, especially with young children who may be unknowingly allergic.

Where Golfers Swing

Two things that Florida has plenty of include golf enthusiasts and fire ants. When the two mix, the day is ruined for the golfer and the golf course. Protect the members of your club, and their guests, by keeping the course clear of fire ants by relying on treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Where you live, work, play, and do business in Wekiva Springs in the Orlando, FL area, should be protected through fire ant control and treatment. For a consistently effective and convenient program, schedule service with Fire Ant Control, LLC, every four months. Do so today by calling (239) 312-8200 or clicking here.