Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Wesley Chapel, FL

Fire ant control and treatment is critical for residents of Wesley Chapel, FL, and the surrounding areas, whether an active invasion is underway or proactive protection is warranted. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides property owners with a superior method of managing fire ant populations, protecting property, and doing so safely in the presence of both animals and people.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Wesley Chapel, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, uses a granular bait that works for half a year at a time. The size of a property and the purpose it serves have no effect on the appropriateness or effectiveness of our service. In combination with our sister companies, we are able to treat the whole quarantined area in the Southeast United States.

The Origin of Imported Red Fire Ants in the US

Imported Red Fire Ants aren’t native to the United States. They migrated from South America, entering the US in the 1930s. Being an invasive species, they don’t have enemies in nature that control their population. They tend to win in the competition for resources and will nest practically anywhere that is moist and warm, making your home as likely to face infestation as your garden or pets’ pens.

Fire ants live in complex networks of tunnels below ground commonly referred to as colonies. The vast majority of the ants live in the colony while the visible portion of the habitat that is above ground is the mound. The mound guards the colony and provides an entrance and exit for the population.

When rains come, these ants create a ball by surrounding the queen with their own bodies, protecting her as they float toward a dry area. This protective, instinctive measure is why you’ll often see new mounds sprout up near trees, posts, houses, and other elevated areas after a rain.

Protect the Fun of Favorite Florida Locations

Living in Florida should go hand-in-hand with enjoying the outdoors. Unfortunately, enjoying city parks, beaches, and natural areas can be difficult when fire ants have taken over the area. We’re here to help park managers, property owners, and supervisors manage any fire ant issues.

Protect Your Home and Personal Property

Your home should be a haven free from pain and danger, but it also shouldn’t be victim to the damage fire ants can do. With service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, you can enjoy your property’s outdoor areas and keep them from destroying your HVAC system, home foundation, and more.

Protect Golf Courses, Resorts, and Commercial Areas

The tourism side of Florida’s economy is very important. Golf outings, picnics, concerts on the green, and other resort activities will not go over well if fire ants attack guests. Protect your business by protecting your customers from attack by invading fire ants.

Protect Farmland Vegetation and Animals

If you’re unfamiliar with the agricultural world, you might assume that fire ants are simply part of the ecosystem and not a big deal. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Fire ants like to nest in hay bales, barns, stables, and pastures, and they can injure and even kill vulnerable young and old animals.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides safe and effective fire ant control and treatment for Wesley Chapel, FL homes, businesses, and agricultural properties. Schedule a service or request a complimentary estimate by calling (239) 312-8200 to speak with our customer support staff.