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Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Westchase, FLPrivate and public properties of all sizes and categories are eligible for Fire Ant Control services. Thrice yearly treatments will help you maintain a property that is 85-95% free of red imported fire ants, or we’ll refund your fee.

Red imported fire ants are aggressive, attacking anything in their paths when they feel the colony is threatened. When they attack, they bite down and hold on while they inject venom with their stingers. This venom is unique to the species and causes a blister with a hard center that will hang around for about a week.

If you’re bitten, clean the area as soon as possible with soap and water or an alcohol wipe, but don’t pop the blister. It’s not a pimple!

When children are attacked, beware. A small portion of the population is allergic and may have an anaphylactic reaction that could lead to death without prompt medical intervention.

The Life of Fire Ants

Fire ants generally build their colonies where they’ll have all the resources they need to thrive – water, sun, warmth, and food. Without an effective management solution, the population will expand in size and numbers. 

The source of the population for every colony comes from at least one queen, sometimes multiple queens. The rest of the millions of fire ants take care of tunnel building, security, food scavenging, and caring for the queen and her eggs.

As winged females and winged males reach maturity, they will fly together to mate. When finished, the male will die, having served his purpose, and the queen will lose her wings and fall to the ground. Then, she’ll scout out the perfect place to establish a colony and lay her first generation of eggs.

Why Try Ineffective Population Control Measures?

Your local hardware store will likely have an entire row of fire ant treatments. They may come in liquid, bait, and dust forms, generally treating the individual mound. Unfortunately, the queen will remain safe and sound deep within the nest, and the population will quickly rebound.

Eliminating the queen is the only way to manage the population effectively. Steer clear of DIY treatment methods; you’ll only put yourself in danger and waste your time.

Choose Comprehensive Fire Ant Control Measures

Fire Ant Control treatment professionals strategically spread bait that ultimately dooms the colony. When scavenging fire ants come across the bait, they carry it to the queen for her enjoyment.

Upon ingestion, the queen becomes sterilized. This safe and effective measure takes a full life cycle to be effective, but it works for four-month periods. The colony dwindles to nothing as the living ants expire, and no new ants are born to take their place. 

Fire ants will come back to reinfest the area over time. They’re mobile, especially when the colony is ready to expand or under pressure for resources.

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