Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Whiskey Creek, FL

Fire ant control & treatment in Whiskey Creek, FL, is a critical element of property ownership. Fire Ant Control, LLC will control the population of red imported fire ants, limiting its size by up to 95% with retreatment every four months. Failing to treat your property appropriately will lead to otherwise preventable injury and damage.

The Problems Posed by Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Whiskey Creek, FLFire ants may be pests, but they’re far more than that. They cause destruction and injury as well. As colonies near structures expand, the damage they do is costly, and when near animals and people, they’ll attack for no reason.

Fire ants attack as a group, biting and stinging at the same time. You know how painful fire ant attacks can be if you’ve ever experienced one, and if you haven’t, you don’t want to find out. Fire ants’ special venom causes a blister with a hard center. In a small portion of the population, this venom can cause anaphylaxis that requires an epinephrine injection. 

The injury will last about a week; you can limit the pain by cleaning the wound as quickly as possible with soap and water or an alcohol wipe.

Pets and livestock are vulnerable to fire ants, especially if they’re first born, very old, or weakened by illness. Protect them by trying to keep them out of the target zone of fire ants. 

Fire ants build. They construct intricate networks of tunnels and grow their colony’s population constantly. This growth will lead to A/C damage, wiring issues, tree, and plant death, cracked home foundations, and other expensive damage. Before they get to your pantry, book a Fire Ant Control service.

The Fire Ant Control Solution

Many DIY-motivated property owners have attempted to resolve fire ant issues on their own, but we at Fire Ant Control don’t suggest it.

You will not save money, nor will you save time. What’s worse, you won’t even solve the problem. All the sprays, baits, and dusts you find at the home improvement stores will make a mess, kill a few of the visible fire ants, and leave the queen laying thousands of eggs per day.

The Fire Ant Control team strategically scatters granular bait to appeal to fire ants as they search for food. When they find the bait, they take it to the queen, and once she enjoys her part, she can no longer reproduce. As the fire ants that are already living die, no new ants will come forth to replace them, and the colony will die out.

Book with Fire Ant Control every four months to keep your property 85-95% free from fire ants. 

From schools and pastures to homes, ranches, businesses, golf greens, and beyond, every single property that gets the Fire Ant Control service is just as important as the next. 

An invasive species, fire ant populations are challenging to control because they don’t have significant competition for resources.

Our treatment will effectively prevent fire ants from overtaking your property – from the lawn and garden to the foundation, HVAC system, and more. 

Enjoy a straightforward and affordable fire ant control & treatment plan in Whiskey Creek, FL, when you book Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 or follow this link.