Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Williamsburg, FL

Beware of a hidden threat to your property and safety. Fire ants that run amok can cause irreparable damage to your home systems and painful injury to you, your family, and your guests. However, Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides treatment for your property in Williamsburg, FL, that will keep the menaces in check.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Williamsburg, FLSouthwest Florida is especially vulnerable to non-native red imported fire ants. Originally from Brazil in South America, red imported fire ants have little competition for resources and a strong drive to survive. As colonies grow out of control, fire ants will destroy a home’s foundation, patio slab, HVAC system, planting beds, gardens, young trees, and more. Nothing is safe, from laundry piles to pantry items, pets, and kids from an out-of-control population of red imported fire ants.

Individual mounds popping up around your yard may indicate a fire ant problem, but you might not even notice them. The vast majority of fire ant action happens underground. Construction never stops for fire ants; neither does reproduction. To accomplish the colony’s goals, worker ants constantly scavenge for food, defend the colony aggressively, and survive extreme weather and conditions.

Chemical insecticides and sprays can be dangerous and ineffective beyond surface ants. Even treatments that target mounds and visible fire ants are ineffective at eliminating the bulk of the colony. As long as the queen continues to reproduce, the colony will grow in size and number. Eventually, she will produce male and female fire ants capable of reproduction that will fly up, mate, and drop – the male to die and the newly crowned female to establish another colony all her own.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, Offers an Effective Treatment

The granular bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, has been approved for application around people and animals. When scavenging ants find the bait, they carry it to the queen, and she becomes infertile upon consumption. No new eggs result in a zeroed-out population within one life cycle.

We can provide 85-95% freedom from fire ant infestations for four months at a time and, with treatments three times per year, we offer a money-back guarantee. Your property will remain at least 85% free from fire ants.

A wide range of property types can be treated with the bait we use. From single-residence homes to apartment complexes, golf resorts, agricultural properties, schools, and public parks, all properties are subject to fire ant infestations and can be appropriately treated by Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Think You Have Them Under Control?

Fire ant populations can grow to astonishing numbers. Consider these numbers regarding fire ant colonies:

  • Single-queen colonies – 40-150 mounds/acre = 7 million individual fire ants/acre
  • Multi-queen colonies – 200+ mounds/acre = 40 million individual fire ants/acre

When we treat your home for fire ants, you can re-enter immediately without waiting for a specified period. We offer an effortless service; you don’t even have to be home.

Take back your home from the scourge of red imported fire ants by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, for peace of mind through treatment measures in your Williamsburg, FL property. Learn more about how our operations work, schedule a free consultation, or secure a spot for treatment on our calendar: (239) 312-8200, or you can reach out online.