Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Winston, FL

When you invest in fire ant control and treatment in Winston, FL, you want it to work. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides effortless management of the fire ant issues on your property whether you need to treat a small yard or a hundred acres of pastureland.

Imported Red Fire Ants – Unwelcome Invasion

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Winston, FLThe pervasive nature of imported red fire ants might lead you to think that they belong here naturally, but they don’t. They’re originally from South America and have moved into the Southern US over the years since their arrival in the 1930s. This move helped them flourish because they win against native ants in the competition for resources.

The problem of fire ants is two-fold: they cause injury and property damage.

A fire ant attack is significantly painful, and they usually attack as a group. Unintentionally crossing the path of a fire ant mound often results in a ruthless attack where many fire ants climb upward, biting and stinging. When populations become large, it may be difficult to mow, tend flowers, check your mailbox, or even allow your children to play.

The damage done by fire ants can be significant as well. Their nesting behavior can crack foundations and sidewalks, destroy wiring and HVAC components, and even enter the laundry room or pantry of a home.

The fire ant problem in residential areas can be overcome with a simple solution: call us at Fire Ant Control, LLC. We will arrive as scheduled without disrupting your day. The granular bait that we use will seem to be food to the fire ants. When they carry it down for the queen to enjoy, she will become infertile. As the living population of fire ants decreases, no new fire ants will replace them.

Our service is also fully appropriate for farmland, pasture land, public areas, and commercial properties. The bait we use doesn’t pose a risk for people or animals, and following application, you won’t have to wait before re-entering the space.

The reduction in fire ants won’t be immediate. The process is gradual because the living ants will die off naturally. A month after service, your property will be 85-95% free of fire ants. Reapplication of the bait needs to happen every four months because the fire ants will return without it.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, process is the most effective treatment for fire ants. They work better than the poisons you find at the home improvement store, so your money won’t go to waste. As a licensed and insured company, you can feel comfortable hiring us to treat your property.

The Right Time to Call for Fire Ant Treatment

In this area, you likely have a problem with fire ants even if you don’t realize it. Wait for a heavy rain and take a look around afterwards. Inspect around tree trunks, fence posts, sidewalks, and other elevated surfaces for fresh fire ant mounds. These are the surest indication of a fire ant presence, other than an attack, of course.

Protect your children, guests, and pets by scheduling a service from Fire Ant Control, LLC. The best fire ant control & treatment in Winston, FL, will keep your property safe and the people on it protected. Call (239) 312-8200 if you have any questions or would like to schedule service or a complimentary quote.