Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Yulee, FL

Whether you manage a farm, school grounds, or your own home, effective fire ant control and treatment in Yulee, FL, is critical to safe, worry-free enjoyment of the property. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a refund of your cost if our process fails to keep your property up to 85% free of fire ants for four months at a time.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Yulee, FLThe fire ant problem within the United States stems from an infiltration in the 1930s at the Port of Mobile. In the decades since, they have spread across the southern portion of the United States, and the South East in particular is quarantined in an attempt to stem their migration. Fire Ant Control, LLC, and our sister companies serve the whole quarantined area, at up to 1,000 acres of coverage each day.

Red imported fire ants prefer colonizing in areas with plenty of moisture and warmth. Yulee, FL, in Nassau County has all of the elements you might expect fire ants to desire. The humidity, moisture, frequent rainfall, warmth, and sunshine all speak to the ideal haven for fire ant population growth.

Areas with plenty of sun exposure, near rotting logs, next to sidewalks and stumps, and even underneath homes are all prone to fire ant infestation. From A/C systems to bales of hay and even your toddler’s crumb-strewn carpet, no area is safe from fire ants unless you’ve called in the mighty power of Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Visibly identifying fire ants on your property is simple. After a soaking rain, step outside and look around. If you see round mounds with a flat top, you likely have fire ants. These mounds are simply an entrance and exit as well as a solar heating system. The real ant activity goes on underground where fire ants work constantly building and expanding their colony of complex tunnels.

Consider these population statistics:

  • Single-queen colonies – 40-150 mounds and 7 million fire ants/acre of land
  • Multi-queen colonies – 200+ mounds and 40 million fire ants/acre

Fire Ant Control Methods

The granular bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, is a powerful and effective exterminator of fire ants. Managing the fire ant population by targeting reproduction is the way to go.

Our bait is carefully applied and approved for use around people and animals without a wait period for re-entering the space. The worker ants who find and carry the bait down into the colony act as a Trojan Horse, making the queen(s) unable to reproduce and stop the population growth in its tracks. As the existing ants see their last days, the fire ant colony numbers zero out.

In one fire ant life cycle (22-38 days), the property in question will be 85-99% free of red imported fire ants. The bait will keep stragglers and migrators from establishing a population.

Our product works far better than the sprays and chemicals you’ll find at the home improvement store or within the inventory of landscaping companies. It’s also safer and more affordable.

The mobile mating behavior of fire ants means that fire ants will return as the bait is consumed and disintegrates. Every four months, call us in for a retreatment.

Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 to schedule an estimate or a service of fire ant control and treatment in Yulee, FL.