Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Zellwood, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is a great choice for fire ant control and treatment in Zellwood, FL. We mean to protect properties of all sorts from the damage and injury caused by unmanaged fire ant populations.

Our Purpose-Driven Operations

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Zellwood, FLHere at Fire Ant Control, LLC, we recognize the potential for negative outcomes that stem from red imported fire ants. In addition to injury to people and pets, fire ants do damage to real property including the following:

  • Structural damage to home foundations, slabs, walls, etc.
  • Tree root systems
  • Electric outlets, breaker boxes, machine circuitry, etc.
  • Injury to livestock and infestation of hay and feed

Our goal is to help property owners manage fire ant populations to help avoid any injury or damage.

Red imported fire ant bites are painful. This species of ant, Solenopsis invicta, is the only type of fire ant with venom that causes a swollen, red area with a white blistered center. When the ants attack, they do so in unison – climbing, biting, and stinging en masse whenever they feel threatened. Your kids, guests, postal worker, dogs, horses, and more are all vulnerable to these unprovoked attacks.

Without intervention, fire ant populations will continue to grow and then spread to farther areas and establish new colonies. You would be astonished by the tens of millions of fire ants one single acre of property can accommodate.

Steps Property Owners Can Take

Property owners can take steps to mitigate the potential for fire ant populations to grow, but these steps are often impractical and limited in effect. Red imported fire ants love moisture. They need it to survive and thrive, and this factor is one of the prime reasons they love Florida.

If you can keep your pipes, faucets, and spigots free of leaks and minimize standing water around your property, you may limit the population and make the area less appealing for the queen as she surveys nearby real estate. You can also minimize food exposure as you dispose of trash, secure livestock and pet feed outdoors, and plant seed.

All of these measures will not keep your property almost free of fire ants. To accomplish this feat, you’ll need to call Fire Ant Control, LLC, and schedule bi-annual treatment.

Fire Ant Infestation Awareness

An understanding of fire ant behavior and preferences can help you identify the presence or absence of a fire ant infestation. Ants are drawn to the warmth of electricity, the protection of trees, and the warmth of sunny, open areas. You can check visually for elevated mounds about the diameter of a dinner plate.

You should always make a point of checking around HVAC units, electric machinery, and circuitry for ants because of the potential fire hazard they cause. After a rain, looking over the property for signs of ants around vertical heights is also an effective way to identify a problem. In this area, you can almost be sure of a fire ant presence, and the only reliable way to keep them at bay is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Protect your property in Zellwood, FL, from the havoc red imported fire ants create by scheduling fire ant control and treatment. Secure a free estimate or your spot on the Fire Ant Control, LLC, schedule online or by calling 239-312-8200.