Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Zephyrhills, FL

If you’ve dealt with fire ants for long enough in Zephyrhills, FL, and you’re ready to call in the professionals for fire ant control and treatment, Fire Ant Control, LLC, awaits the opportunity to provide effective service that will keep your property enjoyable for four months before requiring reapplication.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Zephyrhills, FLAttempts to get rid of fire ants on your own are destined to be ineffectual and short-lived. When you call in Fire Ant Control, LLC, we’ll provide a convenient solution that works well and provides protection for half the year.

The Injuries and Damage Caused by Fire Ants

Fire ants are a bigger deal than you might think. They are aggressive creatures that reproduce quickly and will nest almost anywhere that has moisture and warmth nearby.

The area around Southwest Florida is a paradise for fire ants with plenty of sun and regular rains. They’ll take over all sorts of properties from residential lawns to golf courses, HVAC units, pastures, and more!

The industriousness of fire ants should not be underestimated. You might imagine that you don’t have much of a problem, while oodles of fire ants are busy living underground within extensive colonies that protect them from extreme conditions. A single acre of property can hold up to 40 million red imported fire ants with multi-queen colonies.

If your efforts to take care of the problem use water to “drown” the ants, it won’t work. They’ll form a raft to protect the queen and her eggs and simply relocate. For this reason, you’ll often find riverbanks, tree roots, and sidewalk edges popular places for fire ant mounds.

Your pantry and laundry room are also prime for fire ant infestation. In fact, the ants can literally chew through packaging to access food, and they’ll hide within laundry and attack when disturbed. Chemicals and sprays will get the ones you can see and spray, but the root of the problem (the nest) will remain.

Damage to real property comes from fire ants. They’ll infest electrical components when drawn by the warmth of the electricity. HVAC units, breaker boxes, and circuitry can all be damaged and broken. This risk is potentially dangerous and a fire hazard.

Finally, the pets and people on your property can be injured by fire ants. They have a special venom particular to the species that leaves painful red blisters with a white center. When enough ants attack or an allergy occurs, the attack can be deadly without medical intervention.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Treatment Plan

The queen is the target of the methods we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Both single- and multi-queen colonies can be managed with application of the granular bait we use. This method is the only way to prevent the population from simply moving to a new area on the property.

We apply a granular bait that the worker ants transfer to the queen deep within the colony. The queen becomes unable to reproduce, so the entire colony disappears as the living ants die.

By the end of a life cycle, your fire ant population will be well under control. Every four months you should schedule for another treatment, though, because fire ants are mobile insects and will come back after the bait is consumed or depleted.

When you stick to this plan, we provide a guarantee for our service. Your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants, or we will refund your payment.

If you need effective fire ant control measures in your Zephyrhills, FL, property, treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, will get it in hand. Schedule service online or by calling (239) 312-8200.