Fire Ant Control

Sunny, moist climates create paradise-worthy settings for fire ant populations, making their control practically impossible. At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we are specialists in managing these populations on all property types.

Fire Ant ControlRed imported fire ants are exponentially worse than other fire ants! Scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, these fire ants have no natural competition for resources. They also reproduce quickly and attack with little provocation. The only effective management approach is to control reproduction, the precise measure used by Fire Ant Control, LLC.

We employ a strong bait that, to ants, seems like food. They will gather a meal, carry it down into the colony to the queen, and she will become infertile. The process takes an entire life cycle, but without new ants hatching to replace the ones that die off, the colony is under control for four months at a time. Since fire ants move around, you need to reschedule service three times a year to keep the population well managed and qualify for the money-back guarantee.

Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC for all sorts of properties. We serve all sized properties no matter how many acres. The granular bait that we employ is well-regulated and approved for application on private and public properties. Agricultural properties, parks and playgrounds, apartment complexes, country clubs, schools, restaurants, residential yards, and all other properties in the area find protection from fire ant infestation with our services.

Protection for Schools and Playgrounds

The powers that be in charge of school ground maintenance should call Fire Ant control, LLC. Protecting the area from red imported fire ants is essential. Consider the risk.

Single-queen fire ant colonies may house up to 7 million fire ants per acre, and those colonies with more than one queen may have up to 40 million per acre. These numbers dramatically increase the risk of a child, faculty member, or school visitor with an allergy coming into contact with a vengeful swarm of fire ants.

All fire ant bites and stings cause blisters with a hard white center, resulting from the unique venom that comes with the stings. This venom can also lead to anaphylactic reactions for a small portion of the population. In a group the size of the average school, the likelihood is high that someone with the allergy will be present.

Fire ants’ damage to property is yet another risk from fire ant infestations. As they search for food and warmth, they will damage electrical equipment, HVAC systems, lighting systems, and even the school’s foundation.

Any property owner would do well to manage the fire ant infestation responsibly. Buying chemicals and treatments at the big box store is a waste of time and money, not to mention that the treatment could potentially be dangerous.

With treatments every four months, Fire Ant Control, LLC, will keep your property up to 95% free of fire ants, and we offer a money-back guarantee in support of this fact.

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