Fire Ant Exterminator Services Florida

A fire ant presence merits a call for fire ant exterminator services, and the best company serving Southwest Florida is Fire Ant Control, LLC.  We offer speed and success for property owners concerned about the potential for injury and damage from fire ants.

Defining the Problem Involved with Fire Ants

Fire ants span hundreds of species of ants. They live communally in colonies with millions of tFire Ant Exterminator Services Floridahem and sting when threatened. The red imported fire ant, scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, is the most aggressive, most destructive, and most injurious of all types of fire ants.

Visually identifying red imported fire ants is possible by looking at the color of the thorax and abdomen. The thorax will be deep red while the abdomen will be black. Other ways to identify these ants are to note the aggressiveness of the behavior and the physical reaction to a sting. The unique venom that these ants have causes hard blisters with white centers that are painful and last about a week on average.

For some, the venom can cause an anaphylactic response that requires immediate medical intervention.

The industriousness of red imported fire ants is incredibly impressive. Constantly building, a colony of ants continuously expands the size of its nest underground, with only mounds of loose soil above ground to indicate its presence.

Another attribute of fire ants to note is their reproductive speed. Fire ant queens can lay up to 5,000 eggs per day, leading to significant colony sizes. Single-queen colonies can host up to 7 million red fire ants per acre, and multi-queen colonies may hold up to 40 million per acre. These population numbers are astounding, and they’re indicative of the need to target the queen when trying to manage the population of these pests.

Harmful to Pets, People, and Property

Fire ants affect all outdoor activities when properties have an infestation. These effects can extend to the indoors as well when fire ant populations grow entirely out of control.

In addition to the injuries caused to people, fire ants also threaten the health of pets and livestock. The young, the old, and the sick are vulnerable to the point of death. When animals are stalled, these dangers are even greater.

The damage to property can be extensive when fire ants become an issue. Equipment, electrical components, cement foundations and slabs, HVAC systems, and other property elements can all fall victim to the nesting behaviors of red imported fire ants.

Reach Out to Professionals to Take Care of the Problem

The professionals at Fire Ant Control, LLC, provide a method of managing fire ant populations that has been shown to be successful. We serve all calls from small lots to thousands of acres of ranch land. By using a granular bait that appeals to fire ants as food and acts as an insect growth regulator, we stop the queen from replenishing the population. As the colony members die, there will be no upcoming generations.

This process isn’t magic. The results require a single full life cycle for maximum results, but with repeat applications every four months, properties remain up to 95% free of red imported fire ants.

To schedule fire ant exterminator services in Florida, call the professionals here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 or click here to contact us online.