Fire Ant Management Tampa, Florida

Fire ant management is a frequent necessity of property ownership in Tampa, Florida. The invasive species will become an outdoor scourge when left uncontrolled. In a short period of time, unmanaged fire ant populations become a significant problem, causing injury and damage. For a cost-effective treatment, call us at Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ants Are More Than a Pest

Fire Ant Management Tampa, FloridaWhen you think pests, annoyance is the primary factor but, with a fire ant problem, the consequences are greater. Fire ant bites are painful; fire ant colonies cause destruction; and fire ants are prolific builders.

An attack from fire ants is one you won’t soon forget! Fire ant behavior often creates a situation where you cross paths with them, and they begin to climb upward, unbeknownst to you. When you shake in response to the sensation, they all begin to bite in unison.

Each of these bites and stings can lead to a painful bump with a white center. The imported red fire ant is the only ant with venom capable of this injury. In some cases, the bites can cause injury and even death to vulnerable pets and people with allergies.

A fire ant colony consists of an extensive series of tunnels, usually subterranean. However, they will set up camp within electrical units, around tree roots, underneath home foundations, and even within homes. When these situations occur, costly damage follows. Fire ants will not go away on their own; they’ll simply expand their colonies.

Fire Ant Control Measures

Fire ant control treatment from the big box home improvement stores isn’t likely to solve your problem. Most of them treat one mound at a time, which addresses surface ants only, leaving thousands below ground to continue building and expanding the colony.

At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we use a particular granular bait that manages the colony from the inside out. Worker ants haul the bait into the colony, and the queen ingests it. The queen(s) then become unable to reproduce, so the colony dies out as the living ants expire.

This solution works thoroughly for four months at a time, leaving the treated area 85-99% free of ants with treatment every four months.

The reason that treatment must be repeated every four months is the mobility of fire ants. The bait needs to be replenished to continue to work, so we strongly encourage you to schedule a repeating bi-annual service.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides management services to private and public properties of all sorts. When a fire ant problem exists, we have the solution.

The Background Behind the Fire Ant Problem

Red imported fire ants came from South America. They’ve become a problem in North America over the years and now populate the entire Southern US. Without much natural competition, managing the population can be incredibly difficult.

That’s where we come in. Fire Ant Control, LLC will intervene and prevent a troublesome fire ant population from destroying your vegetation and your home as well as the peaceful enjoyment of your property.

Effortless and affordable fire ant management in Tampa, Florida, is as close as the nearest phone. Dial (239) 312-8200 to schedule your service with our professional team at Fire Ant Control, LLC. In addition to superior fire ant treatment, we also provide the sort of customer service you’ve been missing in the modern world.