Fire Ant Mounds

Have you noticed a few fire ant mounds dotting your landscape? Nip the problem in the bud before it has a chance to affect your enjoyment of your property’s outdoor spaces by securing the services of Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our capacity extends to 1,000 acres per day and all types of properties.

Fire Ant MoundsFire Ant Control, LLC, operates out of Bokeelia, Florida, providing fire ant management for the Southeast US, which is quarantined due to the strong presence of fire ants in the area.

By stopping the queen’s ability to reproduce, Fire Ant Control, LLC, effectively manages the fire ant presence on a property. Our methods rely on the ultimate food-esque bait that acts as an insect growth regulator. The product is approved for application on properties with people, pets, livestock, and crops, and it doesn’t require a wait time for re-entry after application.

Our process doesn’t work immediately. After consuming the bait, worker ants carry some to the queen. She enjoys her share, becomes sterile, and stops providing new fire ants for the population’s continuation. As the living ants die, so does the colony. Considering the length of a life cycle, maximum effect will take about a month. With regular, every four month treatments, the property will remain 85-95% free from red imported fire ants. We even provide a money-back guarantee for customers who follow up three times per year.

Once the winged male and female fire ants reach maturity, they use those wings to fly into the air where they mate. The male then dies, having served his purpose, and the female drops to the ground, loses her wings, and finds the perfect space to establish her colony where she will be the queen. The expansive nature of the species explains the necessity for repeat treatment every four months.

Do-It-Yourself Attempts at Fire Ant Control

If you perform a quick search for fire ant treatments, you won’t have a shortage of results. Unfortunately, the suggestions will provide little success and can cause more harm than good.

Diesel Fuel or Gas – Perhaps the most dangerous suggestion is to pour gas or diesel fuel onto fire ant mounds. Some instances might suggest lighting the accelerant!

Instant Grits or Rice – A completely ridiculous notion, you may find the suggestion to spread instant grits or rice over a fire ant mound. These grains will not swell in the stomach of a red imported fire ant.

Citrus Peelings – Spread over a fire ant mound, citrus peels will not have an effect on the fire ant population.

Boiling/Soapy Water or Vinegar – Yet another ineffective measure for fire ant control is to pour boiling soapy water or vinegar over the mound.

What do all of these treatments have in common?

They address the mounds, and they don’t work. These suggestions will do little more than kill a few surface ants and perhaps inspire the relocation of the mound. The majority of the population, below ground, will remain safe and protected.

The only way to effectively handle the population is to choose a treatment that focuses on reproduction.

Are you concerned by the presence of fire ant mounds on your property? Calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the key to managing the population of fire ants on your property. Our number is (239) 312-8200, or you can click here to contact us online.