Fire Ant Nest Facts

Knowledge is power, and when fighting a fire ant infestation, knowing a few facts about how they nest, feed, breed, and survive empowers property owners to win the fight. Fire Ant Control, LLC leverages this information to provide control measures that provide up to 95% fire ant protection for four-month periods.

Fire Ant Nest FactsSouthwest Florida has a prevalent fire ant population, so fire ants are ubiquitous on most properties. As you move around the area, avoid fire ant mounds. Don’t disturb them or set food nearby. Keeping outside water and food sources to a minimum and your yard clean will also help prevent fire ants. The only sure way to limit fire ants by at least 85% is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Facts about Red-Imported Fire Ants

Fire ants usually nest underground, with the only visible portion of the nest being aboveground mounds, allowing entrance, exit, and solar temperature control. These mounds are piles of loose soil and clear signals of a fire ant infestation. Hundreds of fire ants will swarm from these mounds, ready to attack if they’re disturbed by an animal, person, or the wind.

Fire ants’ aggression is one key to their survival, but they also thrive for many other reasons, including their eating habits. Fire ants eat seeds, vegetables, insects, worms, and other animals. From your newly planted garden to your Pop Tarts in the pantry, if fire ants can get to them, they’re vulnerable to becoming fire ant fodder.

Fire ants (scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta) are not native to the US but hail from South America. As an invasive species, fire ants lack natural competition for resources, including food, water, and territory. In less than a century, fire ants spread from the single entry point at the Port of Mobile throughout the southern US.

Control measures for fire ants are essential since nothing in nature will limit their populations, and their habitation behaviors will result in expensive property damage and injury to people and animals.

Control through Professional Means

The most effective solution for fire ant infestations is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Attempting to take care of fire ant issues on your own will be a costly and potentially dangerous lesson, and you’ll likely call us anyway. The box store’s chemicals, sprays, dust, and baits will only work as a short-term solution. The population will simply return as the queen chugs along as a reproductive powerhouse.

We use a powerful bait and apply it in a targeted fashion to ensure that the fire ants come across it. When they discover it, they carry the bait down to the queen, believing it to be food. The queen consumes the bait and becomes sterile. This solution is almost poetic because the fire ants truly seal their fate. The colony dwindles to zero as the living ants reach the end of their life cycle.

Click here or call 239-312-8200 to learn the facts and find an effective solution to your property’s fire ant nest problem. Fire Ant Control, LLC, will keep your home, business, park, school, or other grounds 85-95% free from fire ants for four months at a time.