If you manage properties in Florida, you likely require fire ant pest control. Fire Ant Control, LLC, will help you clear your property of fire ant infestations, protecting your family, visitors, clients, employees, and customers throughout Southwest Florida.

Fire Ant Pest Control FloridaFire ants, as a species, adore nesting in open pastures and spaces with sunny skies, and they reproduce so rapidly that they’ll inhabit any area with food, water, and warmth. Look to Fire Ant Control, LLC for solutions that apply to all these spaces.

Consider Recreational Areas, Athletic Fields, and Parks

Fire ant colonies with one queen can house at least 7 million red imported fire ants, and multi-queen colonies may hold up to 40 million of them. These numbers are per acre! When the community’s teams, families, and individuals come to recreational areas, the threat of red imported fire ants shouldn’t be present.

The risks of being attacked by fire ants are significant in untreated play areas, and unfortunately, the victims are often young. In the very young, the allergy may come as a total surprise, but with enough bites, the reaction could happen in the unsuspecting. Fire ant attacks usually do cause a painful blister with a white center, but for some, the reaction can be a throat-closing anaphylactic response to an allergy that requires immediate medical treatment.

Fire Ant Solutions That Work

To fight an enemy, you should first understand it.

Red imported fire ants are aggressive in breeding, attacking, and habitation behavior. The population grows by as much as 5,000+ per day, depending on the number of queens within the colony; they attack at the slightest provocation, in synchronicity, and infest practically any location.

The nesting behavior of fire ants is such that they will build around vulnerable tree roots, underneath home foundations and sidewalks, and even within your laundry room and pantry. The more fire ants you have on your property, the more adventurous they will become.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, recognizes that the power of the fire ant is its focus on the colony. Everything they do is for the colony’s benefit, and the population is key to that priority.

We use a food-like granular bait that draws the fire ants and targets the population at its source – reproduction.

The bait appeals to fire ants as food and serves as an insect growth inhibitor. It stops the queen’s ability to reproduce and is approved by regulators for use on all property types and around animals and people.

The extermination process requires an entire life cycle for effectiveness, but as the living ants die, you will see the colony dwindle. By the end of one life cycle, the fire ant population will decline up to 95%.

The fire ant solution that we provide works long term, but not forever. You will need to retreat every four months, three times per year, to keep the fire ant issue from returning.

Comprehensively insured and licensed, Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides service in a manner that protects from damage during the application process. When scheduled every four months, our service comes with a money-back guarantee. The property will remain 85-95% free of red imported fire ants, or we will return your funds.

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