The Red Imported Fire Ant… one of Florida’s most annoying pests. Not only are they hard to get rid of, but they can be dangerous if you are attacked by them. Having quality fire ant pest control in Florida is an essential monthly expense.

Why They Are Dangerous

Fire Ant Pest Control in FloridaHave you ever been stung by a Red Imported Fire Ant? Their sting feels like hot coals traveling around the affected area. To make matters worse, fire ants give off pheromones. When they feel threatened or are in trouble, these substances alert their friends that they need help. Most of the time, if you encounter fire ants, you are likely to be stung.

While for most people, these stings leave a red welt, for some they can actually cause anaphylactic shock and be deadly. Regardless of your reaction, they are painful!

Controlling The Ants

The most important thing you can do for fire ants is to control them. You need a good treatment, like the one offered by Fire Ant Control LLC.

The reason most chemicals and traps found in stores do not work is because the fire ant is so much smarter than these tools and tactics. Yes, you may kill the few ants you see on top of a mound, but underneath the mound is a whole system of tunnels filled with working ants. Killing the visible ants will do nothing to eradicate the colony.

The way to guarantee the colony dies out is to get rid of the queen or queens. Yes, fire ants may have multiple queens in each colony. These queens are the sole reproducers for the colony. Killing the queen means that the colony will not survive.

Fire Ant Control LLC uses a granular bait that is taken by the worker ants and delivered straight to the queen. This bait sterilizes her, ensuring she can’t keep the colony going. The colony will eventually die off as a result.

When to Treat

If you live in Florida, the time to treat is now. This is especially important if you are seeing signs of red imported fire ants on your property.

Fire ants don’t only settle on residential property. They can make a home on any grassy area in Florida, including fields, farms, athletic fields, gold courses and nurseries. In places with larger land mass areas, you may even have multiple colonies.

The Fire Ant Control LLC treatment guarantees elimination of at least 95% of your fire ant problems for four months at a time. The bait is not specific to one colony so it can eliminate multiple colonies with the same treatment. Treating every four months is ideal to continue to fight the battle of fire ants. Once they deem your property a great place to live, they will want to keep coming back. If you stop treatment, they could return quickly.

What’s Next?

Ready to take action with fire ant pest control in Florida? Call Fire Ant Control LLC today at 239-312-8200 for a free consultation and estimate. Let us help you eliminate fire ants so you can enjoy the outdoors again.