Fire Ant Pest Control Service for Florida Schools

Protecting students must be the priority for all Florida schools, so booking Fire Ant Control, LLC, for pest service should be a given. Our service is safe for use around children and pets without an interval of wait time for re-entry.

Fire Ant Pest Control Service for Florida SchoolsFire Ant Control, LLC, specializes in managing fire ant populations on properties of any acreage, zoned for all purposes. Residential communities, pastureland, commercial properties, and school zones are all potential habitations for fire ants and eligible for service from our company.

We apply a granular bait that resembles food to ants. The fire ants find and transfer the bait down into the colony where it destroys the ant population at its root – the queen. We’re careful in application, and when used every four months, the results will keep the school’s playground, classrooms, and other areas 85-95% free of ants.

Fire Ants and Playgrounds Don’t Mix

Florida is a beautiful place to live. The climate is warm, and the geography is spotted with plenty of bodies of water. As wonderful as people find the area, red imported fire ants do as well.

Open, moist areas are ubiquitous to Florida, and fire ants love them. Schoolyards aren’t immune. The problem with a schoolyard infested with fire ants should be obvious.

Red imported fire ants attack aggressively at the slightest disturbance of their colony. Trying to shake them off only makes them cling tightly and bite more, and their venom is as unique as their attack style. It’s the only venom that creates a large bump with a hard white center that is painful and itchy.

When schoolchildren on a playground or in line for the bus encounter these fire ants, the results will be an unhappy child in the school nurse’s office. In the worst circumstances, the situation could even result in an anaphylactic reaction if the victim has an allergy to fire ants.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a real solution that will not affect the day-to-day operations of the school or create an extravagant line item on the district’s budget.

Schedule a Service with Professional Fire Ant Treatment

The method of management we use here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, targets the heart of the colony, the queen. She is responsible for all reproduction, and if you can stop this function, you can effectively stop the entire colony. We use a granular growth inhibitor that is safe and affordable.

When workers carry this bait into the colony for the queen, she is made sterile. No new ants hatch and the remaining living ants die. Thus, the colony expires.

Our methods are safer and more affordable than the sprays and insecticides that can only affect the ants that you can see, leaving the rest of the colony alone, continuing to thrive.

Regardless of the size of the property, we can treat the entire area. The last thing that should trouble the minds of students or their teachers should be dangerous fire ants.

Repeating the treatment every four months is ideal for the ultimate fire ant management. Fire ants are mobile. In fact, they mate in the air while flying. Female and male ants will often fly away and begin a new colony when room runs short. The bait we use doesn’t last forever, so replenishing every four months should keep the fire ants under control.

Fire ant pest control service for school districts in Florida is as close as a phone call to (239) 312-8200. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides an affordable solution that will keep fire ants from disrupting the school day.