Fire Ant Solutions Near Me

Looking for a fire ant solution ‘near me’? In Southwest Florida, Fire Ant Control, LLC stands out with its unique and highly effective fire ant management service. We cater to properties of all types and purposes, offering a convenient solution to your fire ant problem.

Fire Ant Solutions Near MeRed imported fire ants are not just a problem, they’re a significant threat in the United States, and the situation is escalating. According to the USDA, a staggering 13,475 million tons of fire ants exist within the country at any time. That’s more than 107,000 blue whales worth of fire ants. The urgency of this issue cannot be overstated.

The early 1930s saw an invasion of red imported fire ants from South America through the Port of Mobile in Mobile, AL. This non-native species has spread from coast to coast, East to West, and up the eastern portion of the US as far north as Virginia. Wherever these fire ants go, they lack natural competition for resources and take the top position in the insect world.

The scientific name – Sonenopsis invicta – means unconquerable. If that’s not enough of an indication of their hardiness as a species, the street name of these pests, if you will, is red imported fire ants. They’re called fire ants because of the burning sensation caused by their unique venom when they sting their victims. Fire ants are omnivorous eaters; they’ll consume just about anything. Their voracious appetites lead to costly damage to vegetation, electrical systems, home foundations, and more.

While they’ll eat practically anything available, red imported fire ants are also incredibly successful reproducers. To mate, mature, winged males and females fly into the air and mate. The queen will then establish her own colony in a new location, expanding the existing colony’s territory by about 8 miles each year. Quarantine measures govern the southeast US in hopes of containing the populations of red imported fire ants to areas where they’re already an issue. Allow Fire Ant Control, LLC, to provide the only truly effective solution to this ever-expanding problem.

From residential lawns to pastures, parks, school grounds, and beyond, just about any property can be a haven for fire ants. When these creatures lurk in colonies below ground, watch out. The slightest disturbance can trigger a vicious and painful attack.

Fire ants bite and sting simultaneously, and a colony attacks as a group. Their unique venom creates a pimple-like blister that fills with pus and lingers for about a week. This somewhat mild reaction can be mitigated with proper care and cleansing with soap and water. In other instances, fire ant bites can cause localized or anaphylactic allergic reactions, which require medical intervention. If the person experiences chest pain, nausea, or other severe symptoms, immediate care is needed.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a granular bait that appeals to fire ants as food. When scavenging ants carry the bait to the queen, she cannot lay additional eggs, and the colony effectively dwindles to nothing as the living ants expire.

With regular treatment every four months, your fire ant problem can be effectively controlled, no matter where “near me” happens to be in Southwest Florida. Click here or call 239-312-8200 to book a free consultation, an initial service, or a follow-up treatment. We make it possible to enjoy your property without fears of fire ant attacks when gardening, grilling, caring for pets, or simply walking to the mailbox.