Fire Ant Treatment Companies Florida

When imported red fire ants discovered Florida, they hit the jackpot! The warmth, humidity, and rains create a perfect environment for imported red fire ants to thrive. Of all the fire ant treatment companies found in Florida, Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers the products, methods, and price to make protecting your property from these invasive monsters possible.

The Fire Ant Invasion

Fire Ant Treatment Companies FloridaMoisture, sun, and a place to nest are all that red imported fire ants need to flourish. Florida provides all of that with spacious yards, golf courses, pastures, and wild areas – all of which feature colonies of these invasive, dangerous fire ants.

Getting rid of fire ants once they’re established is difficult without professional intervention. You can’t flood them out! Heavy rains or pitchers of liquid poured into the nest simply inspire a move. The ants rush out of the nest, create a protective ball around the queen, and simply float their way to safety. Once the raft comes to ground, they’ll just create a new entrance to their colony and go right back to their architectural efforts.

To manage fire ant populations effectively, you’ll need professional intervention like that we provide at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our specialists use the most effective methods and measures available for up to 99% freedom from fire ant presence.

How We Operate

Fire Ant Control, LL, employs a powerful granular bait that we carefully apply on the properties in question. Fire ants, believing the bait to be food, carry the product down into the colony. The queen then consumes the bait, which is a growth inhibitor, and becomes sterile. Since she won’t be able to lay new eggs, as the living ants die, the population dwindles down to nothing in the course of time.

Best of all, the product is safe for use around people, pets, and livestock.

The Need for Reapplication

No method of fire ant control is permanent. Red imported fire ants are mobile, even flying to mate. We strongly suggest having your property re-treated every four months to keep the fire ants from repopulating the area. Our money-back guarantee even requires it.

Types of Properties Treated by Fire Ant Control, LLC:

  • Park and Rec Spaces – protect the children and families who come to play and enjoy themselves.
  • Golf Courses and Resorts – focus on your swing instead of your feet without fire ant infestations on the course.
  • Athletic Fields – when fire ant attacks interrupt practice and games, they take the fun out of sports.
  • Residential Lawns – a heavy fire ant presence in your lawn makes all outdoor activity difficult, and eventually those fire ants will make their way into your home. Protect your home’s foundation, your landscaping, and most importantly, the people on your property with a call to us.
  • Agricultural Fields and Pastures – protect the vegetation as well as the laborers who plant and harvest the crops on your land.
  • Livestock Housing and Feeding Areas – feed, water, and care for your animals safely.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides proven treatment measures throughout Southwest Florida. We regularly treat areas as small as a private lot to pasture land consisting of thousands of acres. The efforts of our sister companies and ourselves cover the entire quarantined region of the Southern US.

The efforts of fire ant treatment companies like Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides fire ant management for private and public property in Florida. With repeat treatments every four months, you’ll be entitled to a money-back guarantee. For a free estimate or to schedule a service on our calendar, call (239) 312-8200 today.