Fire Ant Treatment Companies for School Districts in Florida

Safely enjoying recess should be a given for school children! Fire Ant Control, LLC, along with our sister companies, offers effective and affordable treatment for school districts in Florida!

The Battle between School Grounds and Fire Ants

Fire Ant Treatment Companies for School Districts in FloridaFlorida is a paradise for red imported fire ants, and they don’t hesitate to invade school grounds. Playgrounds, electrical equipment, planting beds, and even the building’s foundation are vulnerable to the building efforts of fire ants.

Winning the battle against fire ants in Florida requires a service like Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers. We specialize in managing fire ant populations in all sorts of areas including residential, commercial, and public spaces – including schools.

The Attraction of Fire Ants to School Properties

The mere level of activity and population within a school is great for fire ants. They thrive near areas where people do business – unless those in charge manage the attractants and preventative indicators.

Lunches and Snacks

School time includes mealtimes. The attraction of fire ants to crumbs left on the playground from snacks or in the lunchroom is real. Custodians, cafeteria workers, and teachers should do all that is possible to make sure cleanliness and appropriate food storage measures are followed, but these steps are often not enough.

Moisture is another element that draws fire ants. Planter bed irrigation, water fountains, and heavily used bathrooms all contribute to a siren call for red imported fire ants.

Entry Points in schools can be difficult to find. The teeny size of fire ants allows them to crawl through miniscule holes, including those for wiring and plumbing pipes. It can be a never-ending fight for a maintenance crew to find and seal all of the holes given the number and size of school buildings as well as the time spent tending to other maintenance responsibilities.

By scheduling treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, every four months, districts can ensure that the buildings and grounds remain up to 95% free of red imported fire ants.

Call in Professionals

Fire ant management is a job that is best left to professionals and not the school’s grounds crew. Most popular methods leave the queen and the majority of the colony untouched, setting up a constant battle.

The bait we use here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, works as a growth inhibitor. Worker ants eat and carry the food-like granular bait down into the colony for the queen. The queen, who then becomes sterilized, and the rest of the ants die with no new ants hatched in replacement. This process is not instantaneous, but it works long-term.

The FDA considers the product that we use safe for pets, livestock, and people, with no period of wait time required for re-entry.

Fire ants mate during flight and will spread and create new colonies over time, so a one-time treatment will not last forever. Fire Ant Control, LLC, suggests treatments three times a year to ensure 85-95% freedom from fire ants.

School districts in Florida should call Fire Ant Control, LLC for effective and affordable treatment. Reach out by dialing (239) 312-8200 for a free estimate or to schedule service. You can look forward to recesses without fire ant bites for four months at a time, or your money back!