Fire Ant Treatment Companies Near Me

If going outside has become a game of Russian roulette with fire ants as the weapon, performing a quick search for “fire ant treatment companies near me” will bring up a ton of results. Instead of trying crazy methods and spending money on dangerous chemicals, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. We are a highly reputable, effective manager of fire ant populations.

Fire Ant Treatment Companies Near MeThe red imported fire ant, known scientifically as Solenopsis invicta, is the most aggressive species of fire ant. It reproduces quickly, damages property, injures people and pets, and resists common measures of population control.

Without lining up the services of a licensed fire ant control professional like Fire Ant Control, LLC, handling a fire ant problem is nearly impossible. Before the fire ant population on your property becomes so large that the ants infiltrate your home’s foundation, damage your wiring, or harm your children or pets, take hold of the problem by scheduling a service with us.

Half-Way Measures Don’t Work

As in all components of life, almost doesn’t count. When you walk through the aisles of the local home improvement store, you’ll see bags and bottles of liquid, dust, and granule insecticides. Most of these products target the fire ant mound. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t target the means of reproduction. Sure, you may take care of a few hundred surface ants, but below the surface, the work of the colony continues with millions of ants continuing to build the colony even larger and the queen continuing to grow the population.

In addition to these products being ineffectual, the chemicals used are often dangerous and are unsafe to use around people, animals, and vegetation meant for food.

Many DIY methods involving pouring liquids of any kind into the mound are also halfway measures. The ants will simply relocate. Consider the ramifications of sending a colony of fire ant refugees fleeing into your home itself. Don’t kid yourself. Fire ants love a warm pile of humid laundry, a stocked pantry, and the heat from electrical components. They will set up house, and then, you’ll have a major problem that must be dealt with immediately.

The Full Measure of Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides fire ant management on all types and sizes of properties. Our method makes use of a bait that resembles food. It’s in granular form and operates as a regulator of growth. When the queen ingests the bait brought to her by the worker ants, she will lose the ability to reproduce – destroying the future of the colony.

The results of the service aren’t immediate. It will take time for maximum effects to be reached, but within one life cycle, the population of the fire ants will be reduced by 85-95% since no new ants are hatching to replace the ones that die.

The mobile nature of fire ants means that fire ants can never be completely eradicated, only controlled. You will have to schedule repeat fire ant treatments every four months, and in doing so, you’ll keep the fire ants away by up to 95%.

If you’re in the market for “fire ant treatment companies near me,” Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the call to make: (239) 312-8200. Call us today for a consultation or service. We provide free estimates and a money-back guarantee.