Fire Ant Treatment Companies

Red imported fire ants are a problem not easily handled on your own. If you’re facing this type of infestation, you should call Fire Ant Control, LLC, among the best fire ant treatment companies in the area.

We Wage War Against Fire Ants

Fire Ant Treatment CompaniesThe worst of all the fire ant types, Red Imported Fire Ants, scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, are viciously aggressive with a venom they alone have. Their venom produces a painful sore and can occasionally cause a significant allergic reaction in certain people. Children, animals, and property are all vulnerable to destruction.

Newborn animals are frequently killed by fire ants, so the threat to agricultural properties is real. They also torture the people in charge of caring for livestock since they’ll attack anything that slightly disturbs their nests. Hay bales are a particularly favorite nesting area.

Most areas in Florida are ideal for fire ant habitation. They thrive in sunny, moist areas, including yards, parks, golf courses, shores and banks, pastures, farmland, etc. Little escapes the invasion of these fire ants and, where they are, they will attack.

They also damage electrical units – especially central air units outdoors. The last thing you want to discover in the midst of a scorching summer is that fire ants have destroyed your A/C unit, but that’s exactly what they’ll do if left uncontrolled.

Red imported fire ants build large networks of tunnels underground with mounds of loose soil above ground at the openings. No matter how many ants you see aboveground, thousands more are working below, expanding the tunnels and caring for the eggs that the queen lays.

As the colony grows bigger, male and female ants will fly away and build their own colonies. One property may have several colonies and millions of ants.

Treating mound by mound with expensive chemicals and sprays is NOT an effective method of controlling this ant population. As one mound goes down, another pops up because you haven’t addressed the heart of the population hidden below ground in the depths of the colony. The queen simply replaces the few ants you’ve managed to dispel. These products are also unsafe and expensive.

The “weapons of war” used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, work! With a granular fire ant bait, we trick the worker ants into carrying the cause of their demise down into the colony to the queen. When she takes in the bait, she loses the ability to reproduce. No new ants replace the living ones as they die, so the colony eventually dies out.

FDA-approved, our bait is safe for use in areas with people and animals with no period required for re-entry. We’re careful in our application methods for a safe and effective treatment.

The methods used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, don’t work instantaneously. The process requires a few weeks to achieve maximum results, but with application each four months, the area will remain 85-95% free of red imported fire ants.

Schedule your service from Fire Ant Treatment, LLC to enjoy a six-month period guaranteed to be nearly free from fire ants and the havoc they cause. For more information, call (239) 312-8200.