Fire Ant Treatment for Athletic Fields in Collier County, FL

Hut, hut, ouch!

Don’t ruin the play. Instead, get fire ant treatment for athletic fields in Collier County, FL provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer a superior solution for all types of properties. 

Fire Ant Treatment for Athletic Fields in Collier County, FLBokeelia, Florida is the home of Fire Ant Control, LLC, and we serve the entire Southwest portion of the state of Florida. In collaboration with our sister companies, we provide service for the whole area quarantined for red imported fire ants, which is basically the entire Southeast US. Able to treat up to 1,000 acres each day, we strive to control the invasion of red imported fire ants and can strategically apply our proven products on all sizes and types of properties.

The Trouble with Troublemaking Fire Ants

Fire ants and athletic fields shouldn’t go together, but without intervention they do. The open sun exposure, ready access to food, and moisture-rich area are as welcoming to red imported fire ants as the field is to eager athletes ready to compete.

Unfortunately, an unnoticed mound is only a slight indication of the abundance of fire ants beneath the surface, and when an attack occurs, the risk of injury is real. Fire ants have a unique venom that causes an equally unique injury. For most victims, the result will be a painful and bothersome blister that lingers for about a week, but for a small portion of the population, medical attention and even life-saving measures will be required due to an allergic reaction to the venom. 

Fire ants generally attack as a group. You’ll seldom see a single fire ant bite. The disturbance will cause swarms of fire ants to emerge from the colony, climbing and attacking simultaneously. They also bite down while stinging, so they generally have to be manually removed to stop the attack. This situation gives new meaning to unfair interference with the game!

In addition to the injury caused by red imported fire ants, damage to equipment, especially electrical and mechanical pieces is also a problem. The heat and protection provided by equipment create an appealing place for fire ants to nest during inclement weather, and they will chew through wiring in the process. 

Banish the Troublemakers with a Call to Fire Ant Control, LLC

The method we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, targets reproduction. Other methods may cut back on the population momentarily, but the queen will continue laying new eggs daily. We strategically spread a potent granular bait that is taken into the colony and sterilizes the queen upon ingestion. Within a single life cycle, the colony dies off. This bait is approved for use around animals and people.

Our process doesn’t provide the immediate gratification of seeing dead fire ant bodies everywhere, but it does provide widespread effectiveness, up to 85% minimum, for four month periods. We urge clients to schedule treatment every four months, three times per year, to keep fire ant populations at their lowest possible.

Discover how fire ant treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, for athletic fields in Collier County, FL, will protect athletes and keep their attention focused on the game rather than the threat of fire ants. Click here or call (239) 312-8200 for initial service, retreatment, or a free quote.