Fire Ant Treatment for Athletic Fields in Lee County, FL

Fire ant treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides management for athletic fields in Lee County, FL, to keep the softball, baseball, football, and other games going without the threat of fire ant injury. Youth, school, and adult leagues must pay attention to this often underestimated risk.

Fire Ant Treatment for Athletic Fields in Lee County, FLAreas throughout the Southeastern region of the US, especially here in Southwest Florida are susceptible to the invasive red imported fire ant. These troublemakers are a widespread concern to residents, businesses, park and rec managers, school groundskeepers, agricultural property owners, and so much more. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides treatment for all of these types of properties, and the products that we use have received authorization for use around people, pets, livestock, and vegetation. 

Protect Athletes from Hidden Threats

Playing sports requires focus, skill, and practice. Fire ant infestations detract from all of these elements. How can you focus, practice, and improve skill when you’re constantly scanning for fire ants or treating bites?

Fire ant infestations can also damage lighting, display clocks, intercoms, and equipment required to maintain the fields. The threats from fire ants come at all angles, so the best bet is to take measures to keep fire ants away from the area.

Imagine the bad calls made by umpires when they, and players, are trying to remove fire ants rather than focusing on the game. While these attacks may leave poor play and a week-long blister in their wake in most cases, a small portion of the population experiences a serious allergic reaction that requires life-saving medical intervention.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, targets reproduction, so our efforts are far more successful than other solutions. Our techs will arrive and strategically place our proven bait, leaving no evidence of our presence other than fewer ants. The solutions that we provide are effective, convenient, and affordable. 

The bait requires a full life cycle to reach peak effectiveness because it works by stopping the queen’s ability to lay eggs. With no new fire ants hatching, the population dwindles to nothing. We offer a money back guarantee that properties will remain 85% free of fire ants for four months, as long as clients schedule retreatment three times per year. This retreatment is vital since fire ants move to find food, escape harsh conditions, and expand their colonies.

If you’re responsible for the maintenance of athletic grounds, protect athletes, coaches, umpires, half-time production teams, and spectators by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC. Other solutions may offer immediate satisfaction by seeing hundreds of dead fire ants, but they fail to address the thousands of living ants below the surface and the ever-reproducing queen or queens.

Fire ants are ultimately difficult to fight against, but we make it effortless. Just call us.

Non-native to the US, fire ants first invaded during the 1930s through the Port of Mobile and have since established themselves throughout the southern half of the country. With no natural competition for resources, fast reproduction, wide-ranging appetites, and aggressive defensive measures, the queen’s ability to propagate the colony is the only truly effective control measure.

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