Fire Ant Treatment for Schools in Florida

Fire ant treatment for schools should really be a line of every district budget in Florida. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides treatment that works well, and we can provide this service safely and at a fair price.

The Dangers of Fire Ants to Florida’s Schools

Fire Ant Treatment for Schools in FloridaSchool property should be free of fire ant infestations. Recess, fire drills, soccer games, class changes, and other school activities should proceed without students and faculty falling victim to attacks by aggressive imported red fire ants.

The red imported fire ant is not native to this area. In the 1930s, the first one of its kind found its way into the US from South America. Without any natural competition for resources, these fast reproducing fire ants have spread across the southern half of the nation. Within Florida, fire ants find the warmth, sun, and moisture needed for the populations of these insects to explode in growth.

A fire ant attack is a painful experience, and it’s usually entirely unexpected. Red imported fire ants strike without much provocation; the slightest disturbance will send hundreds of fire ants crawling upwards and biting and stinging all at the same time.

When the fire ants sting, they release a venom that only they have. It causes a unique bump, red with a white center. For an unlucky few, though, the bite can actually trigger an anaphylactic response that requires immediate medical intervention.

The severity of the reaction to the ants and the difficulty of avoiding the attack make fire ant management essential on school grounds.

Arrange to have Fire Ant Control, LLC, come out three times per year, and the property will remain about 95% fire ant free.

Fire Ants and School Properties

Red imported fire ants are crafty colonizers. Swing set poles provide them with a perfect escape from the rain; HVAC systems and breaker units provide warmth; and cafeterias and bathrooms offer moisture and food.

Protecting the school’s property, students, and staff requires that any fire ant issue be dealt with quickly and effectively. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the sole viable option for a solution that is safe to use around children, effective at controlling fire ant populations, and doesn’t require a huge production or dangerous chemicals.

Treating Fire Ant Populations on School Properties

Depending on the size of the school grounds, a school property can be infested with millions of ants, and this problem will continue to grow without intervention.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, can provide fire ant management that will protect the school district from property damage, litigation, and ineffective, but expensive, chemical treatments.

The method used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, is ideal for use at schools because of safety and effectiveness. The bait our specialists will carefully apply around the property is granular and resembles food to the ants. A growth inhibitor, this bait will then sterilize the queen. The product is deemed safe for use around people and animals and does not require a period of wait time for re-entry.

The method of operation of the bait means that the queen won’t grow the population any further. Instead, as the living ants expire, so does the fire ant population. While not immediate, this process will work well in one single life cycle of the fire ant. The treatment does require reapplication every four months.

School districts are responsible for the safety of the students within their care. Fire ant treatment for schools in Florida is available with a simple call to (239) 312-8200 to book service with Fire Ant Control, LLC.