Fire Ant Treatment For Schools In Orlando, FL

Manage the fire ant populations in Orlando, FL, schools for the safety of students, staff, and guests with treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC

Fire Ant Treatment For Schools In Orlando, FLThe difficulty limiting fire ant populations in this part of the world largely stems from the fact that fire ants are not indigenous to North America. Since the 1930s, when they were introduced through the Port of Mobile, they have established a stronghold among ant species throughout the southern half of the United States.

They breed quickly, consume practically anything organic, and infest a wide range of areas. Measures that do not address reproduction are unsuccessful because the queen will replace the fire ants that die. Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a granular bait that targets the queen’s ability to lay eggs. This product and our processes successfully provide our clients up to 95% freedom from fire ants for four months. 

The stealthiness of Fire Ant Control, LLC, solutions is fairly remarkable. We strategically spread the bait, and scavenging fire ants perceive it as food, carry it to the queen, and seal their colony’s fate. When she enjoys her meal, she becomes sterile. This bait is approved for private and public properties around people, animals, and crops.

The Southeast US is quarantined for fire ants to prevent further spread. Fire Ant Control, LLC, and our sister companies can treat 1,000 acres/day across the whole quarantined region, including Orlando and the entire Southwest area of Florida.

Fire ants move around in search of resources and to expand into new colonies when queens reach maturity. As well as our treatments work, your school grounds will need to be treated three times per year in order to maintain fire ant protection. If you fulfill the requirement of thrice annual treatments, we honor a money-back guarantee for our service.

In Case You Didn’t Know – Fire Ant Edition

The red imported fire ant is the most prolific and dangerous of the fire ant species. They adore setting up colonies where they find plenty of moisture, sunshine, warmth, and food. As colonies expand or the environment changes, fire ants will build in the open expanses, under a building’s foundation and sidewalks, inside the HVAC system, and more.

Red imported fire ants attack aggressively. When fire ants perceive danger, they rush from the colony, swarming, biting, and stinging simultaneously. A curious child with a stick, a distracted student playing tag, and even the bookworm with an unfortunate choice of shady spot during recess are all vulnerable to fire ant attacks. 

Children may not know they are allergic, so the situation poses an unusual danger. The sting sites hurt, itch, and cause blisters with a hard white center, and for a small portion of the population, the unique venom of fire ants can trigger anaphylaxis. Without medical intervention, an anaphylactic reaction can end in the death of the bite victim.

The bait we use has been approved for use on all properties – including playgrounds – so you won’t be exposing children to harmful chemicals when you call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for service.

For fire ant treatment for schools in Orlando, FL, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 or click here to contact us online. By the end of a single life cycle, your school will be up to 95% protected from red imported fire ants and will remain that way with retreatment every four months.