Fire Ant Treatment For Schools

Fire ant treatment for schools must work. The unwelcome presence of vicious fire ant monsters shouldn’t ruin recess. Professional intervention from Fire Ant Control, LLC, will keep school grounds up to 95% free of fire ants for four months.

Fire Ant Treatment For SchoolsRed imported fire ants, scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, have fully established their presence throughout the southern US since their invasion began in the 1930s. Without any natural competition, fire ants are free to reproduce rapidly and aggressively attack anything or one they perceive to be an enemy. These “enemies” may be the most vulnerable – and potentially unknowingly allergenic – among us on school property.

When you choose Fire Ant Control, LLC, the issue of exposure to chemicals is moot. We use a regulated and approved granular bait that has been given the nod for use around people, animals, and crops. Our techs will strategically apply the granular bait to appeal to fire ants most effectively as they search for food.

The rate of reproduction and the aggressiveness of behavior are key problems with fire ants. The populations are also tough to manage. They’re able to eat practically anything and can infest any space. Fire ants protect their queen above all during rains to secure the colony’s future. Fire ants will form a spherical raft with their bodies – with the queen and her eggs at the center. They’ll float to dry land. A few outside ants may die, but the colony’s future will be secured.

The problem with red imported fire ants is due to multiple issues. They’re prolific reproducers, with thousands of fire ants in a single colony. Single-queen colonies may include 7 million red imported fire ants in a single acre, and if the colonies consist of a few queens, you can have 40 million fire ants per acre.

Fire ants on school grounds are especially problematic. The unique venom of fire ants can trigger anaphylactic shock in about 5% of the population, and school children may be unaware of whether they have an allergy.

Evaluating School Grounds for Fire Ant Infestations

Any school ground in Southwest Florida should be considered vulnerable to a fire ant infestation and treated as such. Grounds managers can check for mounds, especially after rains, when fire ants relocate their mounds to areas around vertical structures like sidewalks, posts, etc.

The above-ground mounds may be the only visible sign of fire ants. If you see them, you can bet that below ground, thousands and millions of fire ants continue expansion – in terms of population and physical tunnels.

Treating School Grounds for Fire Ants

The fire ant solution from Fire Ant Control, LLC, has been approved for applications around children, pets, livestock, and crops without requiring a period of re-entry on private property. This granular bait is strong and effective, requiring a complete life cycle for comprehensive impact and reapplication every four months for continued freedom from fire ants.

The bait works by removing the queen’s ability to reproduce. With no new fire ants coming into existence, the entire colony’s population zeroes out as the existing ants expire.

Fire Ant Control provides treatment for schools conveniently, affordably, and effectively. Contact us by following this link or calling (239) 312-8200.