Fire Ant Treatment for Yard

Are you looking for a fire ant treatment that will finally let you enjoy your yard? Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides a service that you can afford, requires no re-entry wait time, and is universal in application. Our methods are appropriate for residential areas as well as agricultural, commercial, and public properties.

Fire Ants among Us

Fire Ant Treatment for YardThe Solenopsis invicta species, otherwise known as Red Imported Fire Ants, isn’t native to the US. They began crossing the border decades ago and have steadily accumulated and expanded. Today, the migration has extended throughout the Southern portion of the country from one coast to the other.

The damage that fire ants do extends from bodily injury to property damage. From building foundations to vulnerable animals, HVAC units, and even electrical breakers, fire ants can cause significant destruction and, without intervention, the fire ant expansion won’t slow down.

A fire ant attack is rarely one single ant bite. More often, an entire group of ants will bite and sting at the same time, climbing and clinging, making it difficult to stop the attack. Becoming a victim of this attack is far too easy. All it takes it an encounter with a small mound you likely won’t even notice, and the pests will infest anything from a bale of hay to a pile of laundry or your prettiest flower bed.

Managing a fire ant problem with home improvement store products won’t likely be very successful. Treating mounds individually will be a constant fight and the solution may be pricey.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs granular bait that doesn’t require a re-entry interval and is safe for use around people and animals. Worker ants will carry the product down into the colony where it will prevent the queen from laying new eggs. As ants die, no new ants hatch, so the population diminishes drastically. In fact, within a few weeks, the treated area will be 85% free from fire ants, and with regular treatment every four months, the property will remain up to 95% free of red imported fire ants.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, guarantee provides that with regular treatment, we can control your overwhelming population of fire ants, or we’ll refund your money.

The fire ant treatments we use here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, are far superior to the costly and mostly ineffective options available commercially. Our products are FDA-approved for use near people, livestock, and pets, and our company has all licenses and full insurance coverage.

The treatment we provide is simple. All you need to do is schedule our service, and we’ll take care of the rest.

When Should You Make the Call?

Living in Florida, you likely have a fire ant problem. Knowing whether this is the case or not is simple if you’ve been a victim of their bites and stings, but you can also tell by inspecting your property.

The simplest way to check for red imported fire ants is to wait for a heavy rain and take a look around. If you see mounds of loose soil around trees, sidewalks, and buildings, fire ants are present, and Fire Ant Control, LLC, is here to help.

Dial (239) 312-8200 to set an appointment for fire ant consultation or treatment for your yard from Fire Ant Control, LLC.