Fire Ant Treatment in Charleston Park, Florida

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides fire ant treatment that works for property owners in Charleston Park, Florida. Protect your landscape, home business, guests, and family with effective fire ant management.

The Problem with Fire Ants

If you consider fire ants little more than nuisances, you might want to reconsider your stance on these tiny predators. Red imported fire ants impact three different areas: property damage, landscaping disturbance, and medical injury.

Property Damage

Fire ants behave in such a way that they will make their homes practically anywhere. The open sunny golf course is as at risk as hay bales, home foundations, and HVAC systems. Wherever fire ants can find refuge, resources, and warmth, they will establish a colony and proceed to build. As they build, they chew and destroy – leaving wiring, slab, and HVAC damage in their wake.

Landscaping Disturbance

The compaction of soil, the security of roots, and the health of plants and trees are at risk when fire ants are present. Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a regulated and approved fire ant treatment measure that will not put your landscaping at risk while protecting it from the consequences of fire ant infestation. Consider the devastating impact of long-term sub-soil compaction and erosion caused by root loss, and call us to take the necessary steps to protect your property from this damage.

Medical Injury

Fire ant stings cause pain and a pimple-like blister, even with mild reactions. Individuals with a hypersensitivity to fire ant venom may have a more severe reaction – including an anaphylactic response. More commonly, though, the site becomes infected following the attack.

Biting to hold on and stinging repeatedly, fire ants attack as a group and can cause significant injury when victims stumble on a large colony. They will continue to sting until physically removed, injecting a toxin that causes burning and a wound that will linger for about a week. Avoid picking at the injury to avoid scarring, and if you experience signs of anaphylaxis, seek urgent medical intervention.

Book Fire Ant Control, LLC

For the ultimate protection from fire ants on your property, book Fire Ant Control, LLC. We serve all properties, from residential to commercial, agricultural, public, and more. If you’re from here, you know how painful an unexpected interaction with fire ants can be. Keep your friends, family members, and pets from dealing with the same.

Fire ants have been a problem in the US for nearly a century – since they first invaded through the Port of Mobile. We offer the most effective solution available, and we do so conveniently. By focusing on reproduction rather than individual living ants, we can manage the population of fire ants on a property and keep it between 85-95% free of pests.

The regulated and approved granular bait we use is approved for use around people and animals, with no re-entry period required for private property. This bait robs the colony’s queen’s ability to reproduce, so within a life cycle, the area will welcome your bare feet without concerns about fire ant attacks.

If you’re ready for affordable and effective fire and treatment in Charleston Park, Florida, click here or call 239-312-8200 to speak with our team and book a free estimate or service. Clients who choose our service three times a year will enjoy up to 95% freedom from fire ants, and we support this promise with a money-back guarantee.