Fire Ant Treatment in Fort Myers, Florida

If you need fire ant treatment that works, and you’re in the Fort Myers, Florida, area, turn to the pros here at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our proven history, product, and process will keep your property up to 95% free of fire ants for four months at a time.

Fire Ant Treatment in Fort Myers, FloridaFire ants are incredibly aggressive. Thousands of fire ants will swarm from the nest, attacking at one time. They bite and sting simultaneously, holding on with their mandibles while they repeatedly sting, injecting their unique venom into their victims.

The venom that red imported fire ants have creates a painful blister that lingers, on average, for a week. For most, the situation is simply painful, but for a small portion of the population, the venom can cause a severe allergic reaction, even anaphylaxis.

If you notice signs of fire ants, call us as soon as possible. We have the know-how and the product to deliver an effective solution to a fire ant invasion of your property. As with any problem, it’s easier to solve in the early stages. However, don’t be surprised if what you think is a small infestation is a massive colony.

When colonies have multiple queens, as fire ants often do, a single acre of land can hold up to 40 million fire ants, most of them beneath the surface, working on expanding their colony in terms of numbers and physical size.

They will also nest practically anywhere, around HVAC systems, slabs, wiring, your pantry, etc. Unfortunately, failure to manage fire ant populations appropriately can make the damage done an exception to your home insurance coverage, whether it’s considered an act of God or neglect of appropriate maintenance standards.

Instead of fighting a lost cause with homemade methods that aren’t going to work, choose a tried-and-true solution as we offer at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Whether you try pouring substances on the mound, spraying chemicals on it, or adding other ants to it to instigate a battle, you will have a slight effect, if any. You’ll often even make the problem worse. Real results will come only if you kill the queen.

To reach the queen, we utilize a Trojan Horse strategy. Our bait appeals to fire ants like food. They come across it and carry it down to the queen, and when she enjoys her due, she loses the ability to perform her reproductive functions. Since the queen(s) are the only source of reproduction, the colony dies out as the living ants expire.

Being mobile creatures, retreatment is necessary. Fire ants move to find better food sources, to escape from harsh living conditions, and to establish new colonies as populations expand past the amount of space available. We will provide a money-back guarantee when you schedule treatments with us every four months. Your property will remain up to 95% free of fire ants.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the best source of fire ant treatment in Fort Myers, Florida. We’re licensed and insured, operating out of Bokeelia, FL. Along with our sister companies, we cover the entire Southeast region of the United States, up to 1,000 acres/day. Click here or call (239) 312-8200 when you’re ready to book a service or would like to schedule a free estimate.