Fire Ant Treatment in Tampa, Florida

Win the war against the fire ant population on your property in Tampa, Florida, by booking treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC!

Fire Ant Treatment in Tampa, FloridaSolenopsis invicta, also known by its street name, the red imported fire ant, is a vicious pest with a nasty sting, an aggressive nature, fast reproduction, and destructive nesting behaviors. Handling the problem as early as possible is essential for protecting your family, guests, and property.

Calling on the experts here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the most straightforward and effective path to dealing with a fire ant population. We know what works, and we do what works.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, calls Bokeelia, Florida, home. Along with our sister companies, we can provide service for the entire quarantined region of the US Southeast and collectively serve 1,000 acres daily.

What Works and Doesn’t Work for Fire Ant Treatment

Controlling fire ants requires a strategic approach and an effective product. If you’re intent on fighting the battle alone, let’s dive into some common tactics.

The best time for DIY fire control measures would be mornings when temps are cool, and the sun is bright. More of the colony will be at the mound’s surface, seeking the sun’s warmth after the ground has cooled overnight. However, the queen will remain well-protected, deep within the colony, so any attempts directed toward the mound will be temporarily effective at best.

Boiling water poured on a mound does kill between ¼ and ⅔ of the colony’s population. This method is dangerous to the person carrying and pouring the water, damaging to vegetation close to the mound, and unlikely to affect the queen. We can’t stress enough how much we do not endorse attempting this method. Do you want to trade a fire ant problem for severe burns and bald patches on your lawn?

If you’re fearless, you could dig up the colony… We do not endorse this solution, but you can dig up and remove the fire ant colony. However, where exactly will you put it?

Another solution is to drown the mound in citrus oil solution. The elements found in citrus oil are toxic to fire ants and can effectively treat fire ant mounds. Yet again, at the risk of becoming repetitious, the queen will live and continue adding to the population.

The ideal solution for fire ant management is to call in the professionals at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our treatment is proven to work by sterilizing the queen and stopping the capacity of the colony to repopulate itself. As the living ants come to their natural end, the colony does as well. This treatment may not give you the visceral satisfaction of seeing dead ant bodies everywhere, but it will provide you with at least 85% fewer fire ants on your property. In fact, with treatment every four months, we promise up to 99% freedom from fire ants.

Fire ants are mobile creatures, so they’ll return when the time comes to establish a new colony, expand the existing one, or escape inclement conditions. That’s why retreatment is essential.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers treatment for properties in Tampa, Florida, that will protect your property from the ravages of red imported fire ants. We offer fully insured and licensed services, guaranteed for four-month periods. Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to book a service or a free estimate.