Fire Ant Treatment in Tice, FL

The most effective fire ant treatment in Tice, FL, won’t be found at a home improvement store or in the back of a landscaper’s truck. Simply call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a service that can easily and affordably handle the fire ant population on your property.

Fire Ant Treatment in Tice, FLWe use strong, regulated, and approved granular bait for all types of properties. We specialize in applying this bait in a targeted fashion that eliminates colonies from the inside out. We serve all types of properties, including lawns, golf courses, parks, schools, farms, pastures, and more.

Fire ants snuck into the US through the Port of Mobile in the early 1930s. With conditions quite similar to those in their native Brazil, Southwest Florida is a haven for these imported red fire ants.

Find Fire Ants Before They Find You

Being ubiquitous in the area, you likely have an issue with Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA), but how can you be sure? Look around your yard after a rain, or throw out a few regular potato chips. After a rain, you’ll likely see hills of soil around the elevated areas of your landscape or home because fire ants form a “raft” of their own bodies around the queen and float to higher ground during rains. You’ll see a swarm cover it within half an hour of throwing down a greasy chip. Both of these situations indicate a heavy fire ant presence.

Unfortunately, if they find you first, you’ll bear their mark and feel the stinging pain of an attack. Disturbing a mound unintentionally will cause hundreds of fire ants to spring forth and commence a synchronized attack. They hold on with a bite and sting repeatedly, injecting their unique venom that will leave a blister-like wound for a week or more.

In a small portion of the population, this interaction can be deadly. If you’re aware of an allergy to red imported fire ants, you should carry an epi-pen and be prepared to act immediately if a sting happens.

Injury isn’t the only danger with fire ants, though. They also destroy property fairly extensively. Fire ants will establish a presence nearly anywhere, and they love the warmth of wiring and HVAC systems. They’ll even burrow beneath your home’s foundation, causing structural damage. Failing to deal with fire ants promptly can cost you quite a bit.

Effective and Easy Fire Ant Treatment

The fire ant treatment we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, provide works by targeted reproduction rather than individuals. Fire ants behave as a group, so managing them requires addressing the group’s source: the queen.

The bait that we apply stops the queen from being able to reproduce, so the colony is greatly diminished within a matter of one life cycle. You may not get the satisfaction of immediately murdering individual fire ants, but you will get the long-term protection of reproductive control.

For four months at a time, your property will remain 85-95% clear of fire ants with our service – no matter the size or type of your property. We support this promise with a money-back guarantee for clients who follow up with repeat treatment three times annually.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 today to book fire ant treatment in Tice, FL, from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Your bare feet will thank you!