Fire Ant Treatment Tips

While the industrious nature of fire ants is undeniable, the difficulty of eliminating them from your property can be underestimated once you’re faced with the situation. If you have been attacked one too many times, have an angry Amazon driver, or have a vulnerable child, allow Fire Ant Control, LLC to provide you with fire ant treatment tips, primarily just by contacting us.

The Trouble with Fire Ants!

Fire Ant Treatment TipsThe name “fire ants” comes from the burning pain they cause when they attack. Their unique venom causes this pain when they sting. Fire ant attacks involve biting and stinging; they hold on with their jaws and sting repeatedly, injecting venom with each thrust. They will also hold on until they’re physically removed. The more fire ants attack at a time, the worse the situation.

For most victims, fire ant bites cause painful bumps that become blisters with a hard white center, like a pimple. You shouldn’t pop it, though. It won’t help, and it could cause an infection. This bump will linger for a week or so. Other people have localized allergic reactions that cause swelling and pain and require antihistamine treatment. Still others, a tiny portion of the population, have a severe allergy to fire ant venom. These people could go into anaphylactic shock after an attack and will require urgent medical intervention.

When you do suffer a fire ant attack, follow these steps to reduce the pain you experience:

  • Apply ice for an estimated 15 minutes
  • Elevate the localized area
  • Take an oral antihistamine like benadryl
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream
  • Avoid scratching or trying to pop the blister.

Preventing fire ant infestations is difficult, especially in this part of the world. You can minimize them as much as possible by hiring a reputable treatment provider like Fire Ant Control, LLC, and following a few fire ant-resistant practices.

  • Keep exterior areas clean
  • Maintain property
  • Quickly fix leaks
  • Avoid overfeeding animals
  • Store animal food in airtight containers
  • Get rid of standing water.

The best way to handle fire ants is to secure Fire Ant Control, LLC treatment. We target the queen’s ability to reproduce with a granular solid bait that acts as an insect growth inhibitor. It prevents the queen from propagating the colony with new citizens. While it doesn’t work immediately, it does work far more effectively than other treatment methods.

Do you have fire ants?

Look around your property after a rain. You have fire ants if you see hills of soil near sidewalks or trees. You can also check by laying out a few greasy potato chips and checking in half an hour. If they’re covered in fire ants, Houston, you have a problem. Fortunately, we have a solution.

In this area, not seeing fire ants shouldn’t indicate their absence. Most fire ants remain underground working on the colony, so you probably have a problem. The worst way to discover it is by an attack!

With treatment by Fire Ant Control, LLC, every four months, your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to take advantage of our fire ant treatment tips—book service with Fire Ant Control, LLC! We provide affordable, effective, and convenient service for properties throughout the area.