Florida Fire Ant Control Services

We are calling all property owners in Florida in search of fire ant control services!

Fire Ant Control, LLC, fights infestations of red imported fire ants. The challenge seems to have no end, but it can be done with regular treatment from our company. We offer a money-back guarantee for customers who remember to schedule treatment every four months.

Florida Fire Ant Control ServicesDIY fire ant treatments are largely ineffective because of fire ants’ behavior. They live underground and build constantly, developing networks of tunnels to hold the ever-growing population.

The mounds of fire ant colonies are the only signs of their presence above ground. Most do-it-yourself measures target these mounds, so the entire underground population is left thriving.

The best solution is the management methods provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC. Together, with our sister companies, we offer service for the entire quarantined area, servicing up to 1,000 acres of land per day. Our bait, best practices, and customer support systems are approved for use on private and public properties.

Fire ants love Florida because of the abundance of water, open spaces, food sources, and warmth. Whether you manage the upkeep of a school, residential area, or business, count on Fire Ant Control, LLC.

We offer fire ant treatment that is approved for use on all types of properties without needing a waiting period for reentry.

The Identification of Fire Ant Issues

Unfortunately, if you have a property in Florida, you likely have a fire ant issue. Don’t wait around for an attack to occur or damage to happen.

After the next heavy rain, glance around in search of mounds of loose soil around sidewalks, trees, or other elevated spaces.

The pain of a fire ant bite is substantial. Fire ants have a unique venom that results in an equally unique blister distinguished by its white center and the fact that it lingers for about a week. Unfortunately, if you get one fire ant bite, you’ll likely have several since they attack en masse.

Anaphylactic reactions are not unheard of with fire ant bites, either. If signs of anaphylaxis occur after a fire ant attack, seek medical attention immediately.

The injuries caused by fire ants aren’t the only problem. They also cause damage to structures, electrical systems, and vegetation. Your A/C system, new and vulnerable trees and plants, breaker box, and even home foundation are at risk for destruction from fire ant infestations. Before the problem on your property gets out of hand, schedule a fire ant control service with us.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, Techniques and Bait

Techniques for controlling fire ants need to target the queen to be effective. Reproduction propagates the colony, so stopping reproduction stops the colony. We use a granular bait that the fire ants carry to the queen, thinking it is food. When she eats it, she becomes sterile, and the continuation of the colony’s population stops in its tracks. By the end of a single life cycle, the population will be reduced by a minimum of 85%.

In Florida, fire ant control services from Fire Ant Control, LLC, are as easy as booking with us online or by phone at (239) 312-8200. Schedule with us every four months for continued protection from the scourge of red imported fire ants.