Florida Living: How to Kill Fire Ants

The area’s sun, sand, warmth, and vegetation come with an essential knowledge bank for Florida living: How to kill fire ants is one of the most important pieces of information when living in the area. Fire Ant Control, LLC, makes it easy for property owners throughout the area. Simply call us for a long-term, convenient, and cost-effective solution that works.

The Danger Posed by Fire Ants

Florida Living: How to Kill Fire AntsFire ants are tenacious creatures. They have natural aggression that includes painful bites and stings during attacks. These attacks can come seemingly out of the blue; getting too close to a mound is enough to inspire a swarm of fire ants to emerge and attack simultaneously. If red imported fire ants have attacked you, you’ll know it! The bites result in blisters with a hard white center caused by the fire ant’s unique venom.

Visually, identifying red imported fire ants is relatively simple. They have a deep red thorax and black abdomen. The only visible parts of the homes they create are the dirt mounds popping up above ground. These mounds serve as the colony’s entrance, exit, and temperature stabilizing element.

Underground, the colony grows continuously in terms of both population and size. Worker fire ants build, and the queen lays eggs without stopping. Without intervention, an explosive fire ant population will expand into your home, under its foundation, into your HVAC system, and elsewhere, causing intensive, lasting damage.

The Importance of Fire Ant Management…

… to Your Landscaping

Controlling the fire ant population on your property is absolutely necessary to protect the landscaping and vegetation in the area. In a part of the world where landscaping is a big deal, protect it from damage. Root damage, girdling, and seed consumption are all consequences of fire ant behavior on landscaping.

… to Your Home

Another risk to your property from fire ants is structural damage. Cracks in the foundation, damage to electrical components and HVAC systems, and other home components are direct results of red imported fire ant infestations. When fire ants invade, the results can eventually result in the total destruction of the property.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Solution

Since red imported fire ants are indiscriminate regarding areas for infestation, Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a service that employs granular bait that entices fire ants. When the red imported fire ants carry the bait into the colony, it behaves as an insect growth regulator, sterilizing the queen.

Within a life cycle, the population of fire ants dwindles by a minimum of 85%. Regular application of Fire Ant Control, LLC, services results in a sustained 85-95% reduction of fire ants, or your money back!

The bait and techniques we use are approved for use on all types of properties, including private and public, residential, agricultural, commercial, etc. This approval includes areas around people, animals, and vegetation, without requiring a period of wait time for reentry.

Because they fly, red imported fire ants will return. The key to living in Florida is to learn how to kill and eliminate these pesky predators. Schedule our services every four months, three times per year, for sustained prevention of injury and damage by red imported fire ants. To secure your place on our schedule, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200, or contact us online.