Keeping your horse safe from fire ant bites and stings requires an animal-friendly fire ant killer. An effective solution from Fire Ant Control, LLC, will allow your horses to enjoy comfortable grazing and you to walk through the pasture without being attacked by aggressive swarms of fire ants.

Horse Safe Ant KillerFire Ant Control, LLC, provides consultations and estimates without charge, and our effective program for fire ant management is affordable and convenient.

Effective Fire Ant Control

Treatment of fire ant colonies is simple when you have the right products. We’re experts in the field, using granular bait that is designed to take out the queens and leave the colony to die out. When worker ants take the bait down into the colony, it sterilizes the queen, meaning no new eggs and no new ants. The living ants eventually die, and the colony is no more.

In just a few weeks, the property can be 85% free of fire ants. With consistent treatment every four months, we can provide 95-99% ant-free coverage. Our confidence in our products and practices is such that with continued treatment, if you don’t see a reduction in ant populations, we’ll refund your money.

This treatment has approval for use on private and public property, including around people and animals. It works far better than methods that only target mounds and involve hazardous chemicals. Instead of spending a lot on products that don’t work and could hurt you and your animals, make Fire Ant Control, LLC your first call to get the job done.

The Hidden Lives of Fire Ants

The visible mounds above ground that are indicative of fire ant activity are a small portion of the full scope of the population. Red imported fire ants build extensive channels underground that house the full colony.

Ant colonies include worker ants and queen ants. Red imported fire ants may have multiple queens within the colony and can lay 1,500-5,000 eggs each day, so the population can grow incredibly quickly. Your fire ant problem is likely far more substantial than you know.

While we can reduce your ant problem drastically, this process is not a one-and- done. Since fire ants travel, you must continue with treatment every four months to maintain control over the population.

The Risks of Allowing Unchecked Fire Ant Population Growth

An unchecked fire ant population will continue to grow to the point that you and your animals will be on the receiving end of painful bites and stings every time you venture into the pasture, grab a bale of hay, or unsuspectingly find a hidden fire ant lair.

Horses are vulnerable to fire ant bites when they’re injured, unborn, young, old, or unable to move from the area. Multiple fire ant bites can result in death to your horses and, as their caretaker, you must take steps to manage the problem. Allow us to restore your pasture to a haven for your animals.

If you’re looking for a safe way to kill fire ants and manage your horse pasture, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our products and practices are deemed friendly for use with animals and people and are approved for use in your pasture. Call (239) 312-8200 with any questions you might have or to schedule a consultation or appointment.