Horse Safe Fire Ant Treatment

Looking for a horse-safe fire ant treatment for your property? We have it at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our solution will help defend your pasture, home, or business from an invasion of red imported fire ants. 

Fire Ant Management and Horses

Just as horses adore open spaces, sunshine, and plentiful water and hay, so do fire ants! Of all the ant species, red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) are the most aggressive, dangerous, and quick to reproduce. Their unique venom causes blisters that only they can cause, and some people are allergic to this venom.

When fire ants find a horse home, they’re happy. Hay bales, feed buckets, open pastures, fence posts, and equipment are all likely to become home to fire ants, and this infestation will put your horses, yourself, and the horse’s caretakers in danger.

Additional Areas of Danger

Horse pastures are not the only vulnerable type of property. Fire ants will take up residence almost anywhere, including your home. Schedule regular service with Fire Ant Control, LLC, to ensure that you can watch your children play, host a family barbecue, or simply walk to the mailbox without being swarmed by angry, attacking fire ants.

Commercial farms and private gardens are also prone to fire ant takeovers. Yet again, the vicious insects will consume the vegetation, ruin the crop, and injure workers. 

Ready for more ruined fun? Red imported fire ants often spoil parks, rec areas, golf greens, and other spaces meant to host a good time. Whether you manage a golf resort or a crew of parkland keepers, err on the side of caution and book effective fire ant management measures. 

The Dangers of Fire Ants

Fire ants bite and sting at the same time. While biting and holding on, they sting and inject venom. They also attack as a group; you rarely see a single ant bite. While only a tiny portion of the population will have an anaphylactic reaction, medical treatment is urgent when a severe allergic reaction occurs. 

The blister that the unique venom creates will linger for about a week and will be painful. Don’t squeeze it, though. It may look like a ready-to-pop pimple, but you’ll release the venom and risk infecting the wound.

The Professional Solution

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a proven method and product to help our clients enjoy freedom from fire ants. We control the populations of fire ants by strategically applying granular bait. It works on all types and sizes of properties by stopping the queen from being able to reproduce. 

This bait has been approved for applications where livestock, pets, vegetation, and people are present, so you can feel comfortable that your most precious possessions will be protected without being put in danger.

Schedule our service three times yearly for 85-95% sustained freedom from fire ants. Our process may not give you the gratification of seeing hundreds of dead ants like sprays you buy at the big box store, but it will work effectively. As the live ants die, no new ones will hatch to replace them. 

Book a treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a horse-safe solution to a real problem. We’re reachable via phone at (239) 312-8200 or follow this link to contact us online. Our service is fully licensed and insured, and we won’t damage your property during application.