How Can You Control Fire Ants in Open Pastures & Fields?

Red imported fire ants can be challenging to manage, especially in agricultural environments. If you’re wondering how to control fire ants in open pastures & fields in Southwest Florida, the best answer is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

How Can You Control Fire Ants in Open Pastures & Fields?We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, treat all types of properties. In collaboration with our sister companies, we service the entire quarantined area and can apply treatment to up to 1,000 acres daily.

Fire Ants in Pastures

The sun exposure and open expanses of pastures and fields are prime real estate for red imported fire ants. The proximity to water, the ample food supply, and the warmth of the sun on the mound appeal greatly to fire ants, which originally hail from South America.

Unfortunately, with fire ant infestations come costs. Workers and animals will be injured, equipment will be damaged, production will slow, and feed and hay bales will become filled with fire ant nests. The results will be lost profit, medical and veterinary bills, and the expense of equipment repair. Protect your property and bottom line through consummate fire ant protection with Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Identification of the Red-Imported Fire Ant

The red imported fire ant can be mistaken for other common ants without close inspection or a sting. Fire ants are reddish brown and make larger mounds than most ants. Their stings are also far more painful owing to the unique venom that they inject through the stingers on their abdomens. When fire ants attack, they hold onto their victims with their mandibles while stinging repeatedly. The venom creates a unique wound like a pimple filled with a hard white center. Don’t pop it like a pimple, though; it may lead to scarring.

Red imported fire ants live in groups called colonies. Some fire ant larvae specialize and become winged males and females capable of reproduction. Upon maturation, the winged male and female fly into the air and mate. The male then dies, and the female falls to the surface and fulfills her destiny as the queen of a new fire ant colony.

The queen will begin by building a nest and nurturing the first set of offspring. That generation will then care for the next set of eggs, and so forth. At that point, she will begin laying eggs as her sole duty while worker ants care for everything else.

To manage fire ants in a pasture, field, or any other property, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. The bait that we use is regulated and authorized for use around livestock, crops, pets, and people without a period of wait time for re-entry.

The worker ants discover the bait we apply in a targeted fashion, carrying it to the queen for sustenance. She will become infertile once she eats her share, and the colony will dwindle to nothing throughout a lifetime. Within one fire ant life cycle, your pasture will be 85-95% free of fire ants. With retreatment every four months, it will stay that way.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 now that you know how well Fire Ant Control, LLC, can manage fire ants in your open pastures & fields of Southwest Florida.