How Deep are Fire Ant Colonies?

If you’ve tried insecticides and need help understanding why they aren’t working against the fire ant colonies on your property, you need to know how deep they are and discover an effective way to reach them. Fire Ant Control, LLC, will handle fire ant issues on any property using methods approved for use around people and animals and minimize disruptions to your activities.

Indications of Fire Ants

How Deep are Fire Ant Colonies?Red imported fire ant mounds are large, but they aren’t always present for fire ants to be there. When left alone, a fire ant mound may grow over two feet wide and provide solar temperature regulation for hundreds of thousands of fire ants in the underground network of tunnels below.

The aggressive nature of fire ants isn’t easily overlooked. Fire ants attack as a group if they feel threatened, running upward, holding on with their jaw, and stinging repeatedly to inject venom. Not only does one fire ant sting repeatedly, but the group also stings all at once. Seldom will you have one fire ant sting, and each sting will leave an itchy, burning blister filled with a white pustule. This wound will linger for about a week and can become infected if not cared for.

The depth of a fire ant colony depends on several factors, including the age of the colony, its physical size, the number of fire ants in the colony, the water table, the soil texture, and the time of year. However, the queen and her eggs will always be well-protected, as deeply embedded as possible. Even if thousands of worker ants die due to your efforts spraying chemicals, the population will return as she continues churning out offspring. Queens can live up to six years, so you can only manage the colony effectively if you can stop her.

Fire ant reproduction is fast and continuous. The species also travels, flying to mate and establish new colonies or hitching a ride via landscaping materials or animals. We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, leverage reproduction to manage the fire ant populations of the properties we service effectively.

Rather than chemicals and sprays, we use products that sterilize the queen and appeal to the worker ants as food to ensure that she’s exposed. No matter how well she hides, she never sees the demise of her colony coming from the food brought to her by her loyal subjects.

Our granular bait is an insect growth regulator that sterilizes the queen. By the end of a fire ant life cycle (4-6 weeks), your property will be at least 85% protected from fire ants. Our product is regulated and approved for use around people and animals and doesn’t require a period of wait time before reentry.

Since fire ants are mobile, we suggest retreatment every four months. We back our service with a money-back guarantee for clients who follow up with appropriate treatments thrice yearly.

Secure the professional assistance of Fire Ant Control, LLC, to keep your yard, pasture, garden, or other property up to 95% free from fire ants, no matter how deep their colonies are. Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to schedule a free estimate or to reserve a place on our schedule.