How Do I Treat My Whole Yard for Fire Ants?

Red imported fire ants are a fairly ubiquitous problem in Florida. Dealing with it can be quite difficult, leaving homeowners to wonder “How do I treat my whole yard for fire ants?” Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a long-term, cost-effective, and convenient solution to keep your entire yard up to 95% free of fire ants.

How Do I Treat My Whole Yard for Fire Ants?The myriad of options available for treating your yard for fire ants should in no way indicate that all are equal. Chemical treatments available at home improvement stores are limited to surface ants, so all of the action, and reproduction, going on below ground in the colony will continue uninterrupted.

A bait treatment is another option. It’s generally less environmentally harmful and more effective when used in a strategic fashion. The baits attract fire ants by appealing to them as food, and the worker ants then carry the bait within the colony for every fire ant to consume, even the queen.

The bait acts as an insect growth regulator, stops the queen from reproducing, and serves as an effective management approach to the population. This method is what we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, rely on, along with an expert-level strategy for bait placement.

To keep your property up to 95% free of fire ants, you’ll need to schedule repeat service with us every four months. Fire ants are mobile; mature winged females and males will fly away to mate. Afterward, the male will die, and the female will shed her wings, drop to the ground, and locate the perfect spot to colonize.

Fire ant treatment tips:

  • Target treatment during spring and fall, periods when fire ant activity lessens;
  • Focus on the whole yard, not just the mounds;
  • Follow instructions to the T;
  • Wear protective equipment;
  • Establish whether pets or people need to be protected from the product used;
  • Just call Fire Ant Control, LLC, and forget the rest!

Red imported fire ants are invasive. They’re not a native species to Florida or the rest of the US. Being such, the fire ant lacks natural competition for resources. It also has behavioral characteristics including aggression, protection, and fast reproduction that make the populations of red imported fire ants hard to control.

The fire ant colony will grow, in population and physical size, as long as nothing happens to interrupt growth. Red imported fire ants find food everywhere; they’re predators and scavengers. They will also nest anywhere from your lawn to your home’s slab, landscaping, pet habitat, or pantry. The damage that can occur ranges from destroyed wiring to a cracked slab or incapacitated HVAC system.

The bait that we use is successful because the worker ants don’t appear ill when they bring the bait to the queen. If they did, she’d avoid consuming it herself. The Fire Ant Control, LLC, bait overcomes this common challenge to bait products.

Within a single life cycle, the colony will dwindle down by a minimum of 85% since the queen no longer lays eggs to replace the fire ants that die.

Now that you know the best answer to the question “How do I treat my whole yard for fire ants?”, click here or call 239-312-8200 if you’d like to book a free estimate, an initial treatment, or a repeat service from Fire Ant Control, LLC.