As the caretaker of a lawn or golf course, fire ant mounds can disrupt the smooth aesthetic of the green. Knowing how to get rid of this problem will save you from wasting time and money. Do yourself a favor and make Fire Ant Control, LLC, your first call.

Don’t Spin Your Wheels Targeting the Mounds

How Do You Get Rid of Fire Ant Mounds?Treating fire ant mounds one at a time is a mistake. The above-ground mounds are a small part of the total fire ant housing complex. Living below ground in extensive tunnels are millions more aggressive ants waiting for the slightest disturbance to swarm upward and begin attacking.

If you see fire ant mounds on your property, you have a fire ant problem and can be attacked for simply being in your yard. These ants attack at the slightest disturbance, climbing upward while biting and stinging.

The bites and stings from imported red fire ants are painful and will develop into blisters with white centers. These ants are the only species of ant with venom that causes this reaction. For those with allergies to these ants, bites require immediate medical attention to prevent anaphylactic shock. Others should clean the bites and monitor them for infection, ignoring the temptation to pop the blister. Doing so will just cause more pain and risk infection.

Unchecked, red imported fire ants will continue to expand their population, eventually making their way underneath the foundation of your home, inside your HVAC unit, around your trees, and even into your house. Treat at the first sign of these ants to help protect your property, your kids, your pets, and your guests.

Treatment That Works

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is fully licensed and insured, and we use products that are guaranteed to significantly reduce your ant population with continued treatment. The first treatment will provide 85% reduction and, with treatments every four months, we’ll help maintain 95-99% freedom from red imported fire ants.

The fire ant control method that we use targets the population of the colony rather than the mound. It’s a granular bait. The workers carry it back to the queen, and it proceeds to sterilize her, preventing future reproduction. Once the living ants die, the colony dies with it. This method has approval for application near people and animals on private, public, and agricultural grounds. For private property, you won’t have to wait to re-enter the property and will be able to walk around your yard immediately.

While red imported fire ants are originally from South America, they do well in the American South. They love the moisture and warmth here in Florida and have continued to grow in population and cause increasing problems over the decades. Fire Ant Control, LLC, along with our sister companies, has the capacity to treat 1,000 acres per day throughout the Southeast.

If you’d like to learn how you get rid of fire ant mounds or about the guarantee we offer here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, call (239) 312-8200 or contact us online. We provide free consultation and estimates, and our customer service is always happy to help.