How to Control and Prevent Fire Ants On Your Acreage

Stop exposing your animals, guests, and employees to the risk of injury from red imported fire ants. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides a solution for you if you’re wondering how to control and prevent fire ants on your acreage. Early intervention and regular treatments will keep the problem in check.

Problematic Fire Ant Populations

How to Control and Prevent Fire Ants On Your AcreageRed imported fire ants can cause property damage and injure people and animals. Originally from South America, red imported fire ants aren’t native to the US. They have, however, established themselves as the dominant ant species in the years since their invasion in the 1930s.

The species attack aggressively at very slight disturbances. The simultaneous attack will leave the victim injured with hard-centered blisters at the sites of stings. For a portion of the population, an allergy to the unique venom could lead to an anaphylactic, life-threatening reaction.

Red imported fire ants are hard-working, aggressive, fast reproducers that will eat practically anything and nest in all sorts of places. The mounds on the earth’s surface serve as solar heating sources and entrance/exits for fire ants. Underneath the surface, though, fire ants are always busy building a complex set of tunnels that houses their colony.

The population of fire ants is staggering. A single acre can hold millions of fire ants. Imagine the potential problem with several acres and a fire ant population left unchecked.

Red imported fire ants can hurt people and animals while damaging property. Rains can drive dense populations into your cars and homes, and warmth will draw them into HVAC systems, breaker boxes, and other electric appliances. From hay bales to laundry piles, home foundations, and open pastures, no place is safe from the nesting behavior of red imported fire ants.

Fire ants will infest any property. They’re not picky eaters, so practically every place provides a smorgasbord. Residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties are all at risk of substantial infestations.

Avoiding fire ant population management will eventually lead to expensive damage and the inability to enjoy your property. Create a tri-yearly schedule for fire ant treatment to care for your property as an owner or manager.

Effective Methods of Management

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a proven treatment that will keep your property 85% free of fire ants for four months per treatment. The treatment is not applied directly to the fire ant mound. Instead, the granular bait appeals to the ants as food, acting as a growth inhibitor that sterilizes the queen. The colony’s population expires with no new ants being born, effectively limiting the potential fire ant presence.

We use a product that has been approved for use in places where animals and people are present without requiring wait time before re-entry.

Fire ants are mobile creatures, mating in the sky and dropping down to establish a new colony. This behavior demands reapplication three times per year.

If you’ve noticed fire ants becoming more of a problem on your land and need to know how to control and prevent the problem on your acreage, consult with Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer a team of experts, an efficient product, and an affordable price. Schedule your service or consultation today by calling (239) 312-8200.