How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants In Horse Pastures

Protecting your animals from fire ants is far more important than you might imagine. Property damage and injury to animals and workers can be avoided if you know how to eliminate fire ants in horse pastures. We know the answer; simply call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a booking every four months.

How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants In Horse PasturesMoney-back guarantees mean that we’ll refund the fee if a service doesn’t provide quality results. Fire Ant Control, LLC, promises to return your money if your property doesn’t remain at least 85% free of fire ants with reapplication three times per year.

The whole quarantined portion of the US falls under the coverage zone of Fire Ant Control, LLC, and our sister companies. With the capacity to treat 1,000 acres in a day, we’re an excellent choice for horse farms throughout the area.

Horse Pastures and Fire Ants

Horse pastures provide fire ants with sunny, open spaces where they can expand their colony in numbers and size. Fire Ant Control, LLC, can treat properties both small and large. Whether you have a one-pony show or thousands of acres of ranch land, we can help. 

Horses feel pain just as you do, and if you’ve experienced a fire ant attack, you understand why your horses deserve protection. Keeping fire ants out of your pastures will keep your horses and their caretakers safe. 

While fire ants may only cause you and your horses to have an injury, they can be deadly for newborns, unborn foals, injured or sick adult horses, and aged horses.

With three treatments each year, your property can remain up to 99% free of fire ants. We apply an insect growth regulator that stops the queen from being able to lay eggs, and it’s been zoned for application around your horses, on pastures, and around hay fields.

Our service comes with an incredible guarantee. As long as you remember to schedule your service every four months, we will back up the service with a money-back guarantee.

Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC. We are a comprehensively licensed and insured provider, offering free estimates and affordable pricing. 

The product that we apply is long-lasting and effective against fire ants. It’s far better than other treatments that you may find from landscapers or big box stores. We use a potent granular bait. Fire ants perceive this product as food, but when they carry it into the colony, the queen ingests it and becomes unable to lay new eggs. Without new eggs to hatch, the population zeros out. 

After a single life cycle, about 22-38 days, the treated area will be at least 85% free of fire ants and will remain that way for four months at a time.

Fire ants are mobile. They fly to establish new colonies, create rafts with their bodies around their queen during flooding, and move to seek food during extreme periods. Without fresh bait applied, the population will surge once more. Since the bait won’t last forever, you must schedule follow-up appointments.

If you’ve wondered how to get rid of fire ants in horse pastures, the solution is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a booking. We offer successful outcomes at a reasonable price point. Dial (239) 312-8200 or click here to contact us online.