How To Keep Fire Ants Away

Have you been wondering how to keep fire ants away? Playing around with a fire ant presence on your property is a mistake. When you do, you put your family, friends, and service providers in danger of a fire ant attack in addition to the potential for property damage that you invite from sheer negligence. The best answer is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

How To Keep Fire Ants AwayWe target reproduction by sterilizing the queen, which provides four months of prevention at a time. Our fire ant service is better than any DIY remedy, store-bought product, or landscaper-applied chemical. Our bait is the best in the industry, and our application process is strategic and effective.

An Ounce of Prevention

While controlling your fire ant population is best done with professional intervention, you can take a few steps to minimize the appeal of your property for the vicious invaders. Fix water leaks, seal any animal feed for storage, repair drainage issues, and avoid leaving branches and litter around the yard. 

Visually Identifying Fire Ants

Other types of ants are harmless and beneficial to the ecosystem, so it’s somewhat important to be able to distinguish fire ants from other ant species.

Fire ants have distinct coloring. They’re deep red, almost brown, with a double-segmented body. 

You can also distinguish the ants by the mounds’ appearance. Fire ant mounds are flatter and broader than other ant species’ nests.

The Danger of the Fire Ant Attack

When you have fire ants on your property, your children and guests are constantly in danger of attack. Red imported fire ants attack as a group, simultaneously biting to hang on while stinging. Victims generally receive multiple bites at once, amplifying the pain. The attack usually hurts a great deal, and the bites may become infected. Otherwise, the effects are limited except for the small portion of the population with an allergy. These victims could go into anaphylaxis and require immediate medical attention. 

Signs of anaphylaxis include dizziness, hives, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, swelling of the tongue or throat, and difficulty breathing. Any of these symptoms should trigger medical intervention.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, Processes

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a granular bait, and we target the queen. We don’t use chemicals that solely focus on the mound since they don’t work well, cost too much, and can be dangerous for animals and people.

The fire ant colony’s sole source of reproduction is the queen. She is responsible for all the eggs laid, so sterilizing her is the key to controlling the population. Once she cannot lay new eggs, the colony will dwindle to nothing.

Fully licensed and insured, Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a well-regulated granular bait that is zoned for use on public and private properties. The bait can be used without waiting for re-entry on private property. 

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, service is:

  • Guaranteed for four-month periods.
  • Recommended application three times per year. Fire ants will return as new colonies are established or as fire ant colonies expand.
  • Rooted in the use of an insect growth regulator that sterilizes the queen.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides the best option for those searching for how to keep fire ants away. With regular treatments, your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants – or your money back. Learn more by calling 239-312-8200 or following this link.