How to Safely Remove a Fire Ant Mound from Your Property

Are you struggling with a fire ant problem and need to know how to safely remove a fire ant mound from your property? The only truly safe way to accomplish removal is to call in professionals like those at Fire Ant Control, LLC.

How to Safely Remove a Fire Ant Mound from Your PropertyIf you’ve seen a mound, we can promise you that a single mound is not the extent of your problem. You will have millions more underground, with the queen well hidden within the colony’s depths. Addressing a single mound will not resolve the issue.

Contact our team when dealing with fire ants on private, public, agricultural, or commercial properties in Southwest Florida. Our prices are affordable, the service is convenient, and the results are highly effective and long-standing. With retreatment every four months, we can provide property protection of up to 99% – or your money back.

Red imported fire ants, or Solenopsis invicta, are non-native ant species. They came into North America from Brazil around 1930 through the Port of Mobile and have since established themselves throughout the southern half of the US. With no natural competition for resources, controlling the population of this species is difficult.

Fire ants reproduce quickly, eat practically anything, and focus behavior on the colony’s survival. These factors make fire ant population growth explosive and limit control efforts. The typical fire ant treatments that take out individual ants without targeting the source of reproduction are ineffective for these reasons.

Fire Ant Control, LLC uses strong, granular bait and strategic placement to control the population effectively through targeting reproduction. We have a significant capacity for service as well. Along with our sister companies, we serve the whole quarantined area, up to 1,000 acres/day.

The trouble with fire ants includes painful injury, property damage and destruction, and agricultural issues. First, ant stings cause a unique injury that lingers for about a week, and the damage to your property can range from cracks in the slab to problems with the electrical circuitry and HVAC system.

Proactive Fire Ant Prevention

The small steps you can take to proactively prevent fire ant infestation can make a difference. Limit food availability by not overfeeding pets or storing pet food in containers that allow ant entry; keep the property clean, with no debris under which they can find refuge; and fix leaky spigots and pipes as quickly as possible. If you can make your property less appealing to fire ants, they may choose another place to create their abode.

Fire Ant Control from the Professionals

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides a convenient solution to fire ant infestations. When you book our service, you can rely on us to arrive punctually and leave no evidence of our presence other than the bait we leave for the fire ants. The bait that we use is regulated and strong. It works as an insect growth inhibitor and stops the queen from being able to reproduce.

Our bait works when the queen enjoys the meal her worker ants bring her. It stops her ability to lay eggs, so as the living citizens of her colony die, no new ants grow to replace them. As long as you follow through with treatment three times yearly, your property will be up to 95% clear of fire ants.

Click here or call 239-312-8200 if you’re ready to learn more about how to remove a fire ant mound from your property safely. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers expertise for property owners throughout Southwest Florida who need to handle a fire ant presence.