Knowing how to treat red imported fire ants is a critical part of property care in Southwest Florida. While you could try to take care of the problem yourself, you’ll simply be spinning your wheels. Instead of throwing away your time and money, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a consistently successful program of fire ant management.

How to Treat Red Imported Fire AntsFire ants invaded from South America, and Florida offers them an ideal haven. They love damp areas and will build nests practically anywhere including yards, pastures, parks, golf courses, and other property. Given sufficient moisture and food resources, they’ll set up a colony and expand. This explains the presence of red imported fire ants throughout the Southern United States.

Fire ants are resilient. Rainy weather will simply drive them closer to your home. They’ll nest underneath the cement foundation of your home, around trees, and anywhere else where they can have easy access to higher ground when flooding occurs. If that fails, the entire colony will escape, floating on the water, to dry areas where they can rebuild.

A large fire ant population will mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors. Consequently, our services are ideal for private residences, golf courses, parks, and any other place where the earth provides a potential home for red imported fire ants.

Fire Ant Control Has the Best Solution!

Fire Ant Control, LLC, has a treatment that works. We’re a leader in the industry, providing fire ant management throughout this area.

The bait we use is granular. It doesn’t work instantaneously, since that would only kill the ants you can see. Our bait is taken down into the colony by the worker ants, sterilizes the queens, and stops the repopulation of the colony. Once the living ants die, the colony is no more. In the span of one month (the life cycle of a fire ant), our bait can reduce your ant problem by 85%. Continuing use of our service can further reduce the fire ant population by 95-99%.

The product we use is approved for use on private and public land, and you’ll be able to walk on your property as soon as we’re done. Remember, however, that invasive red fire ants move, so you need to make sure that we treat your property every four months to keep them under control.

Do Home Remedies Work?

Many home remedies claim they can be used to control fire ants, everything from orange peels, instant grits and gasoline, to bleach, dishwashing liquid, vinegar, and diatomaceous earth.

While you may succeed at killing a few ants, these remedies typically just cause the fire ants to move to a different location. Colonies frequently move from one site to another. In fact, they can build a new mound several hundred feet away almost overnight.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, stands ready to treat private, commercial, and agricultural properties. If you’ve been wondering how to treat red imported fire ants, the answer is to call us as soon as possible: (239) 312-8200. We’ll be happy to provide a free consultation and estimate. We can help you take back your enjoyment of your beautiful Florida outdoor life!