Identifying Fire Ant Mounds and Preventing Stings in Your Yard

After identifying fire ant mounds in your yard, the next step for preventing stings should be calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, and booking a proven service from our team. We offer expertise in managing fire ant populations on all types of properties throughout Southwest Florida.

Identifying Fire Ant Mounds and Preventing Stings in Your YardWe use a strategic application method and a product that works from the inside, targeting the colony’s reproductive source, the queen. Our measures are much more effective than other methods that target individual mounds or ants without considering behavior.

Our treatments work for residential, commercial, agricultural, and public lands, with regulated and approved products for use around people and animals.

The South and the Fire Ant – A Love Affair

The environment in the South provides the perfect setting for the fire ant’s success as a species. The warm temps last all year long, moisture is plentiful, and food sources are abundant. Since its introduction to the area in the 1930s, the red imported fire ant has become ubiquitous to the region – difficult to control, damaging to property, and harmful to human and animal attack victims. To manage their presence on your property, contact our Fire Ant Control, LLC team.

Our proven methods work for small and large properties without restrictions regarding re-entry or type. In collaboration with our sister companies, we can serve the entire quarantined area of the Southeast United States, up to 1,000 acres/day.

Understanding the Enemy’s Secrets

Underground fire ant colonies house the population, with the queen living out her days laying eggs and workers nurturing the growing population, building new tunnels for housing, and securing food for the queen and her young. The only sign that you’ll see is the fire ant mound. These piles of loose soil allow the fire ants to enter and exit the compound and provide temperature management that enables the population to survive extreme temperatures.

As the fire ant population grows, the risk to your property and safety also rises. Larger populations of fire ants will mean a greater need for space and food and higher odds that people or pets will come into contact with a nest. Consider that a single acre of property can hold 40 million red imported fire ants when multi-queen colonies are present.

If home is where families feel safest, red imported fire ants have no place there. From grilling family meals to playing badminton, tag, or “kick the can,” outdoor time should be fun and memorable for all good things, not fire ant bites. Protect your little ones, guests, and the Amazon delivery driver by securing our services.

We use a bait fire ants see as food and carry it down to the queen for sustenance. She becomes sterile when she enjoys her delicious meal of fire ant bait. With the queen unable to lay new eggs, the colony zeroes out as the living population members die. One short life cycle is all the time it will take for your property to be at least 85% free of fire ants.

After identifying fire ant mounds in your yard, click here or call (239) 312-8200 to book Fire Ant Control, LLC, to prevent stings to guests and property damage.