Is Fire Ant Control & Treatment Harmful to Horses and Cows?

As a livestock owner, your first question when searching for fire ant control & treatment may be whether or not it is harmful to horses and cows. Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a regulated product and a strategic methodology to effectively treat areas with livestock for fire ants without harming the animals. 

Is Fire Ant Control & Treatment Harmful to Horses and Cows?Being an invasive species, fire ants lack natural competition. When they have all the resources they need, they will reproduce until they reach capacity in one area and then spread to another. Spaces where livestock thrive are also areas where fire ants will have all they need to live well and in abundance. 

A single acre of property can have up to 7 million fire ants when single-queen colonies are present. When multi-queen colonies reside on that acre, the fire ant population can top 40 million!

We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, offer the best solution for managing fire ant populations. The treatment has proven effective on all types and sizes of lands, including your cattle or horse ranch. 

What Not to Choose

We admire the do-it-yourself mindset. If it’s repairing your own appliances, taking care of your own lawn, or mending your clothes, that’s great, but when it comes to handling fire ants, we do not suggest you go the DIY route. Not only will you have little success, but you will waste time and money and potentially put yourself in danger.

Fire ants attack when they sense a threat, and if you’re close enough to use the ineffective treatments you find suggested online or available for purchase at the store, you’ll probably be swarmed. Furthermore, the queen will remain safely ensconced in her castle beneath the surface and will hatch a replacement army for the few soldiers you succeed in dispatching.

Some of the half-measures that clients try before they call us include sprays, dusts, and granules poured onto mounds. They may kill surface ants, but they’ll never get the queen, and these chemicals may even put your livestock in danger. 

Other ideas people try include pouring various liquids down into the mound. From boiling water to vinegar, bleach, gasoline, and more, pouring liquids down the mound will not kill the queen. The best result will be that the colony relocates to another portion of the pasture.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a strong granular bait that the scavenging ants see as food and carry to their queen. The bait has an insect growth regulator that stops the queen from being able to reproduce, cementing the destruction of the colony at its source.

The bait used by Fire Ant Control is officially approved for pastures with livestock, businesses, and homes with people and animals.

Within one fire ant life cycle, your property will be 85-95% free of fire ants and will stay that way for four months. Reschedule service three times per year for sustained protection.

Contact Fire Ant Control at (239) 312-8200 or by following this link to book fire ant control & treatment that is not harmful to horses and cows. We specialize in treating all types of residential, commercial, or agricultural properties, no matter how large the property is.